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Throwback Thursday: A Parade of Renfrews

Ahhh, the Sewaholic Renfrew. Beloved by all and probably the most sewn cake pattern out there. It’s definitely my most-sewn pattern for sure, including some Franken-patterns (mixing 2 different patterns for a new kind of beast!).

It’s an easy enough pattern to sew and Tasia’s instructions are always amazing and usually teach me a new trick or two. I just suggest not starting out with the V-neck variety as it can be a little tricky to get right.

Renfrew #1

V-neck with hem band
V-neck with hem band

#1 was completed right after my wedding festivities ended in October 2013. After making so many fabric flowers and random knick knacks, I was itching to get back into sewing clothing.

I sewed a straight size 4… or 6… I can’t remember but I definitely could have gone up a size. I think I lengthened the waist about an inch or two. This pattern is made for someone who is 5’4″ and I’m a good 3.5″ taller than that… so this doesn’t come as low on me as I would like. I am also not a huge fan of the hem band since it tends to creep up on me.

That V-neck was a BEAST to sew – mostly because I’m just a spaz. Unfortunately this version does not get worn much since it’s a bit short and the fabric quality isn’t all that great (yay for sometimes questionable fabric at SAS!).

Renfrew #2

IMG_0950This is my most favorite Renfrew. EVER. The fabric is so stretchy and perfect and it’s got a chicken-mama flair to it.


The fabric is from and it’s one of the better quality fabrics I’ve gotten from them. This has seen lots of laundry rounds and it’s holding up pretty well.

I lengthened this shirt by a good 4″ from the lengthen/shorten line on the pattern and I think it’s just about right. I’m also totally digging the 3/4 length sleeves!

IMG_0953As you can see, I modified the hem by cutting it into a slight “u” shape. This works well for my hips/booty and doesn’t make the shirt creep up over my hips.

Renfrew #3

IMG_0959Wow what a difference a little makeup makes, huh? Anyhoo, for #3 I went with the same idea for the hem but didn’t lengthen the pattern as much since this is not a stretchy fabric at all. I think it’s a 30% stretch medium weight jersey from  Not much stretch = not as comfy 😦

IMG_0960I still bust it out every now and then, but not usually during the super hot summer-time as it’s a bit thick and I need clothing made of angel whispers or clouds to combat the desert heat and scorching sun.

Digging the cute little flowers

Striking a pose with a curious kitty!


Renfrew #4

Modeled by my Lovely Assistant

Oh, deer! I attempted the dreaded V-neck again and after 4 tries, it came out pretty OK!

This fabric is the same weight/stretch as #3 and is also from I need to pay more attention to stretch-factor when ordering online!

Top stitching and fabric close-ups make me happy

So there’s my parade of Renfrews! I know there’s millions of these out in the blogosphere, but I think it’s fun to see other people’s interpretations. Also, these fabrics are just too cute not to share.

If you haven’t had enough of the Renfrew-madness, then be sure to check out my nifty Franken-patterns, the Foxy Dress and the ‘Murica! Dress. So that’ll be a total of 6 now? Keep ’em comin’, I say!

Is there a pattern you love to sew over and over again, a TNT (Tried ‘N’ True)? I’d love to know!


15 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: A Parade of Renfrews

    1. It may seem boring, but making things you’ll wear over and over and over feels AWESOME. Try out Deer and Doe’s Plantain t-shirt pattern… it’s free and comfy! T-Shirts FTW! 😀

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