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A Flowery P4P Timeless Tunic

Summer is in full swing, so it’s time to bust out the flowery dresses! They’re so simple to style and wear, yet they make you look so put together… it’s a win-win!

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for too long, so it was time to put it to good use:

Isn’t it so pretty? I love the illustrative look of these flowers. This fabric is a poly crepe that has a fun texture, but doesn’t breathe too well since it’s polyester. I bought this years ago at SAS in Tucson (R.I.P.) for super cheap. After hoarding it for a while, I was determined to make something uber feminine with it:

It’s the Patterns for Pirates (P4P) Timeless Tunic! I made a straight size L and the pattern pieces JUST fit my fabric. I must have had less than 1.5 yards total since it was cut wonky and I was left with minimal scraps.

Not only was the pattern a perfect fit with this fabric, but the fabric is a perfect fit for the pattern! Since it’s polyester, it’s best to have it bag away a little from the body so it doesn’t get too stuffy and sweaty. I can’t stand unbreathable, tight clothing! But this is perfect because if I sweat a bit, the fabric is floaty and dries off quickly.

The construction went smoothly… at least from what I remember. I actually made this in 2020! Maybe it was sometime in August or September? I remember wanting to hurry and bust this out for a beach trip with my dad and stepmom, and I got it finished just in time. Unfortunately, I was unable to wear it during the trip because literally 24 hours after we arrived, we had to head back home because a hurricane was headed right for us!


So, that was the only “vacation” I’ve had since early 2019. Woo!

ANYWAY, yeah… smooth construction and a spot-on fit! I had good luck with P4P’s Wiggle Dress, so it wasn’t a surprise the Timeless Tunic worked out just as well.

I LOVE this dress, but I’m still not sure how I feel about wearing it without a belt.

I don’t think I’m a huge fan of the visible elastic casing, but DD swears it looks fine as-is.

I’m not used to the poufiness above the elastic, but I think that’s because I might be so used to my Colette Monetas, which are more form-fitting on top.

But I’m really digging how the top part of the dress fits my shoulders and the neckline is so cute! I think it may be a good replacement for the Scout Tee if I decide to make more woven tees. I’ve also been eyeing a lot of gathered tier dresses on Instagram, so it may be cute to make one with the top portion of the Timeless Tunic.

Me-Made-May has helped fuel inspiration and I really enjoyed seeing everyone’s makes! I managed to post an outfit everyday (except 1 day, but I was still wearing something me-made!). I found it more difficult to choose outfits compared to previous years since I do not dip into my work wardrobe anymore. I basically live in pajamas and t-shirts since I’m a full-time online student. It’s pretty great to live that comfortably, but t-shirts and PJs get boring to post after a while. Plus, I purged many of my me-made t-shirts recently as they were getting worn out.

OK, that’s all I have for now! I have a queue of photographed projects to post, so hopefully I can get those out before summer is over. School and life has been a BEAST this past month, so I’ve had little time to dedicate to anything sewing-related. Here’s hoping for brighter days ahead!


P.S. Happy 7 years to Sew RED-y!! I’m getting awful at remembering, but thank goodness WordPress reminds me! Cheers to another 7 more!

4 thoughts on “A Flowery P4P Timeless Tunic

  1. Very cute dress!
    Life is so interesting. My HH always wants me to add a belt when I’m happy without one. Lolol…
    Generally, for some reason I think that it looks better on me with the “line” of the dress not “broken” in half? But I get the “elastic” thing, and a self-fabric belt is not an option for you. (Thin fabric bow attached at the front as a faux drawstring?) And I’m with you about our friends Poly and Ester…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Ahhh, the Great Belt Debate… LOL, to each his own! I was hoping to have enough fabric for a tie belt because that would have been cute, but oh, well!

      And yeah… wearing polyester in the desert is fine, but it’s a bit different in the humid southeast!


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