Me Made May

Me-Made-May ’16 Week 4

The last full week of May has passed and honestly I’m getting a little bummed out. I have so many more me-made things to wear and share… except work clothes… those are few and far between now.

Let’s see how I did this past week:

Sunday, May 22

Day 22-16

My Little Mermaid Plantain is so lightweight and comfortable. I managed to get out of the house only to wash my car as I didn’t feel like sharing more lounge clothes like the past Sundays. That and my car needed to be washed badly…

Monday, May 23

Day 23-16

I am in love with my Seamwork Aurora Tank and never think to wear it to work. It’s so comfortable yet can look a little “dressed up.” Sad thing is I have to throw a shrug over it to keep it both professional and warm in our icebox of an office.

Shrug: WalMart (don’t judge!)

Pants: Banana Republic Outlet

Shoes: Michael Kors from Off Saks 5th Avenue Outlet

Tuesday, May 24

Day 24-16

Another Colette Moneta and another collaboration with my man, Tasso!

Earrings: White House Black Market

Necklace: Gift from my BFF Mihoko when I left Japan

Shoes: DSW

Wednesday, May 25 Day

Day 25-16-1

I have to say this red knit top I made at the how-to-sew class at Joann’s 5 years ago is really hanging in there. It’s a little too big and not quite my style, but it has been worn many times and always gets the odd compliment or two. I’m wanting to retire it soon but maybe I’ll wait until next year’s MMM to make that call.

Earrings: WalMart

Necklace: Purchased in Kyoto, Japan

Wednesday, May 25 Night

Day 25-16-2

Whooooah Wednesday was a double-decker! DD and I wanted to go out for sushi this night, so I slipped into something more comfortable… namely my Chicken Mama Renfrew Shirt!

Jeans: Lucky Outlet Store

Shoes: Minnetonka from ModCloth

Thursday, May 26

Day 26-16

I always forget just how comfortable wearing my maxi skirt can be… especially through a long day at work. I really must make more of these.

Shirt: Forever 21

Shoes: DSW

Friday, May 27

Day 27-16

Thank goodness I only had to work a half day on Friday (supposed to be a day off for me, but I had to sneak in the last of my mandatory overtime hours! Living the dream…). My Peacock Scoop Top is super comfortable and breezy for those hot summer days.

Saturday, May 28

Day 28-16

Ahhh, it’s finally the weekend! DD and I don’t have plans for this long holiday weekend, so we’re playing things by ear. We heard of a good German restaurant (called German Cafe) in Sierra Vista and decided to make the hour and a half drive there to try it out. I’m happy to say that it was delicious, but that was a long time to be in the car just for food! Anyway, I wore this cute little dress so I could stuff myself with schnitzel and sausage!

Sunglasses: 11-year old Oakleys

Shoes: DSW

There are only 3 more days left for Me-Made-May! I hope I can make the most out of them! How are y’all doing with your pledges?


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