It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye to some of my handmade garments. I’ve been sewing almost every weekend for the past 4 years and my closet is getting smaller and smaller. DD refuses to give up the little space he has in our closet(s), so that means it’s time to donate.

We did some spring cleaning last year and I donated a lot of clothes, but those were RTW (Ready-To-Wear, AKA mall clothes). This year, I had to get rid of more RTW and unfortunately some of my own projects. It was difficult to choose which ones had to go and I know I could have chosen more, but I figured I shouldn’t do anything too drastic.

IMG_5795See? The pile isn’t too big – 10 pieces total. I chose to donate based on things that I barely wore because of fit, quality, and style issues. I’ve decided to pay homage by making collages and descriptions of each garment donated.

Desktop21. The Skirt Turned Into Cautionary Tale – This piece got a LOT of wear until one tragic day at the office. I’ve since repaired it but cannot bring myself to wear it again after a very embarrassing event. Hopefully it will behave better for someone else.

2. The Simplicity Shirt of Doom – Same fabric as #1 and the fit was way wonky. It was pretty tight and there was major cleavage going on, which wasn’t too good to wear to work. It’s such a bummer because I struggled so much with the construction and put so much time into it. C’est la vie.

3. [Unblogged] McCall’s 6754 – This dress cost about $4 to make. I was pretty stoked about how cheap the fabric was and loved the color and fit. However, I followed the instructions to a T and put darts in the bodice (which, by the way, you do NOT need for stretchy fabrics!). Since the fabric is a solid, the dart points stood out a little too much for my taste.

4. My First Dress! – Oh wow, this one was hard to let go. I love the fabric (a decent quilting cotton from Joann’s) but the fit is just wrong, as is expected of a first dress, and it’s not really my style. Fare thee well, I’ll miss you!

Desktop45. My First T-Shirt – I’ve worn this a few times, but it’s tighter than I’m comfortable with and the fabric is a little itchy.

6. Passport Madness Shirt – This is another one I’m bummed to see go! It’s such a fun shirt but again, the fit is wrong and I can barely breathe when it’s buttoned up. I hope to make another passport-related shirt or dress one day, though.

7. [Unblogged] Self-Drafted T-Shirt – I made this after #5 and played with different fabrics. The front and sleeves are a very drapey jersey and the back is a black lace knit. It’s a good shirt, but now I have so many Renfrews, this barely made it in the rotation.

Sewing158. The “Don’t Hire Me” Skirt – I’m holding onto the matching jacket I made for this even though that doesn’t get much wear, either. But the skirt is just awful. The fabric is too thick and bulky and the front poofs all weird. Not my best work. :-\

9. Colette Sorbetto – The fit is off and the weird fabric just don’t make for a comfortable shirt. Now that I’m in my 30’s, comfort is everything!

10. My first knit dress – I’m sad to see this one go. I love the print of the fabric, but it’s such poor quality I’m embarrassed to wear it in public anymore. Oops, I guess I should have just chucked it instead of donating it…

And that’s all for now! Some of you may be wondering why I didn’t try selling some of these. These were all “firsts” or “trial” projects, so the quality isn’t quite up to par. I feel weird selling clothing that doesn’t at least have serged seams. I’m hoping a customer at Goodwill can use these or refashion/recycle them in some way.

This is my first me-made donation haul. I feel sad to see some of my first projects go, but I think it’s easier having documented most of them in this blog so I can go back and read about their stories any time I want. 🙂 Hmmm… I see a lot more of these in the future (unless I get a bigger closet!). ‘Til next spring cleaning, then!

Have you managed to donate some of your handmade items? How did it make you feel?


14 thoughts on “It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye

  1. I excluded my me-mades from my closet culling last fall. Me Made May had me taking a closer look at pieces that get no wear. I’m doing a sporatic series on my blog with some of these pieces to see if they still make to cut. Then I’ll have to say good bye.

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  2. Your descriptions are hilarious! Don’t hire me is my favorite. I agree about comfort in one’s 30s. I think bad fit and ultra tight was ok in my 20s, but now, either because I’ve realized that I need not live with that nonsense or because I’d rather look more polished, I’ve landed at looking for comfort too.

    Right now, I have some other garments I need to get rid of more because they don’t fit in my color palette anymore. In the past I’ve gotten rid of a few me mades by donating…there was a rayon challis wrap dress that was a cautionary tale itself about the danger of wrap dresses coming undone inconveniently in public, another wrap dress that was a really pretty light blue lace print knit with ruffles that functioned better as a wrap but it was really poorly constructed, and another wrap dress that thick and terrible colors on me and whose pattern was inches upon too big for me everywhere except where I needed it (hips). So basically in all of this, I learned that me + wrap dresses=sewing failure + massive anxiety about my dress falling off of me in public.

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    1. I hear you about wrap dresses! They’re so popular in the sewing world, but I would be scared to flash everyone all the time, too.

      There are a few rare times I’ll put comfort aside, but for the most part, comfort all the way!!!


  3. I have never donated my handmade things…I just can’t part with them!!! But I am going to have to because some of my earlier things don’t fit and I really don’t like the style now.

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      1. Hmmm I guess that’s true. I just need to document the thing so have made on the blog and then it would probably be fine if I donated them.
        I’m trying to decide if I should make separate blogs…one for sewing, one for beauty, one for lifestyle/fashion cause I’m not sure how to make it all incorporate…and if people would be discouraged from reading because they done see but like the other things I talk about or someone sees and doesn’t want to see beauty posts…

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      2. I think 3 different blogs would be too much work! Especially now that you have your 2 jobs. I like reading about all 3 – I think most sewists are into fashion and beauty as well (heck, most women.. and some guys… are!) so I don’t think many people will be turned off if you have different kinds of posts. It’s All Things Britney Lee, so they’ll have to deal with All Things you like! 😉

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      3. I mean that’s the whole reason I named my blog that way so I could talk about whatever I like. And yeah I guess that’s true. When people like one aspect they generally like them all.
        Thanks for answering. I can’t just ask anyone about these kinds of questions haha you get it cause your in the blogosphere too haha


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