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Getting My Energy Back with Greenstyle Xpress Tanks!

I’m sure like many people, I haven’t been moving around as much as I should have this past clusterfu… year. It’s so nice to be a potato inside all the time, but better weather (and some “normal life may be returning before too long” hope) has me itching to get outside and MOVE.

I finally feel like I’m getting the energy to tackle many things I have put off… like this blog, for instance! Seriously, y’all, I started drafting this post in May of 2018! TWENTY-EIGHTEEN!

In 2018 I was busting out sewing projects left and right before my big move to Japan. Once there, life got crazy and I completely lost my sew-jo. It’s been a struggle since I carried a lot of guilt about not keeping up with this blog like I used to and abandoning my sewing machine and fabric stash. My living conditions haven’t been ideal until recently as I had basically nowhere comfortable to sew. Since March, I’m now in a slightly bigger place and finally don’t need to sew in the kitchen anymore! So the sew-jo is slowly but surely returning.

Years ago, I pinned this cute workout top on my Pinterest, hoping to hack a pattern to make a knock-off.


It’s a good thing Greenstyle released their Xpress Tank so I wouldn’t have to put forth the time and brain effort of hacking a pattern to match!

In my original draft, I mentioned making three of these, but for the life of me I cannot remember making a third and have no idea where it went as I only have two now. *Shrugs* C’est la vie.

The first Xpress Tank I made was from leftover fabric from a Pneuma Tank I made for my mother and Hudson Pants I made for myself. I wanted to make the tie-back version, but I didn’t have enough fabric, so I cut a rounded back instead. I still love the way it looks and drapes! Plus, it provides great ventilation when a breeze comes.

The great thing about this pattern is it’s only ONE pattern piece. The only seams you have to worry about are the shoulders and hemming all around the tank. THAT’S IT. This baby took like 30 minutes from cut to finish for me. Maybe even faster, but heck if I can remember anything from 3 years ago!

There’s a suggestion in the instructions to tack the back pieces together so the shirt doesn’t flop all the way open when you bend over. I hand-stitched a tack and I’m so glad I did. I wore this to yoga and although my shirt was flopping around a little (especially during downward dog), it wasn’t exposing me like crazy. I definitely suggest a nice sports bra or maybe a Noelle Halter Bra to layer underneath.

The second one I made is from a fabric that’s from a failed attempt at a bathing suit. It has great stretch but it’s a little too sheer for swimwear. I’m happy I was able to make something from the rest of it, though!

I did come across a little S.N.A.F.U. I thought I had traced the pattern piece for the tie-back option, but it was for the pointed back instead. Woops. I really wanted this top to be a tie-back, but I really didn’t have enough fabric for it anyway. I guess it was meant to be pointy.

I love the colors of this one, though!

For these tanks, I made the high neck option. You can choose between a lower scoop or the high neck. I feel like it’s a good balance between the skin-flaunting, PG-13 back and the skin-hiding, G-rated front. 😉

These have been a godsend during warm weather. The Great Outdoors is my gym now and these tanks make it bearable to go walking for an hour. It’s even better when there’s a breeze and the back flaps around for some ventilation! Luckily, I have this awesome walking path located near the home we’re renting. Now, it’s time to hoof it and lose those extra COVID pounds!

Life Update!

I have some big news since I last posted…

I’M BACK IN SCHOOL!! *yaaaaay….*

It was a struggle finding the right career fit for me after returning from Japan. My previous career earned me some pretty specialized skills that aren’t quite a fit for what I was looking for in my next adventure. So, I decided (with some prodding and encouragement from DD) to go back to school to get a second bachelor’s degree… this time for accounting!

At first it was really weird to return to college after 15 years, especially with it being 100% virtual this go-round. There was a learning curve to adjust to this new way of learning, but I’m happy to report that I’m loving it and CRUSHING IT!

I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a 3.9 GPA for my first degree (BA in Visual Arts and Japanese Studies), so I’m putting on the pressure to graduate with a 4.0 this time!

Yes, yes, I know…

But hey, it’s good to have goals, right? And I hope I won’t jinx it by posting this, but so far I’m maintaining that goal. Yay!

Other than that, I’ve been busy with a steady stream of painting commissions and numerous extra-curricular activities and clubs. I also got a ukulele last October and have been teaching myself through YouTube tutorials. I have quite a playlist already, but my favorite to play is “I Want It That Way” by the Backstreet Boys. Poor DD has to put up with it. Even Boudin (one of my cats) gets up and walks away when I bust out my uke, lol! I swear, I’m not terrible but definitely still a beginner.

Anyway, that’s about it! Tomorrow is the start of Me Made May, so I am excited to hopefully do better than I did last year and post everyday on my IG (@sewredy).

The sew-jo is making a slow comeback and I finally took pictures of most of the stuff I’ve made that I haven’t blogged about yet. I’m excited to get back into sewing and blogging again! I definitely have not been a super-active part of the online sewing community these past couple of years, and I could feel it. It felt like there was a hole missing in my soul. So, let’s fill that hole with happier times ahead and more sewing/blogging!


So, how have y’all felt? Is your sew-jo or blog-jo making a comeback with the arrival of spring and hope for a more “normal” tomorrow? Does anyone else need to shed some COVID-coping weight like me, lol?


3 thoughts on “Getting My Energy Back with Greenstyle Xpress Tanks!

  1. Heh Red! I’m always happy to see a post from you in my in-box, so I’m glad you’re getting motivated to sew & blog again! No. I’m not motivated. Masks sucked the will to sew right out of me. (But I was sooo popular!)
    At the beginning of “this” my doctor mentioned that I should exercise or…perhaps die. (6 months of bronchitis.) So I decided to exercise. Maybe I should have my doc suggest that I sew for good health?
    And covid weight gain? My hashtag is #covid1919pounds. (It hasn’t caught on…)
    Welcome back!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Lodi! Aw, I’m so happy that you’re happy to read my posts! Thank you so much! I totally understand the motivation issues, and masks are definitely not the most exciting things to make!

      And wow, I hope you are feeling better! Long-term bronchitis sounds so scary and I’m hoping exercise is helping your health. ❤ Hang in there!!

      I love #covid1919pounds, LOL! That's pretty darn accurate! Not as fun as #freshman15, I suppose. 😉


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