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Throwback Thursday: An Ugly Christmas “Sweater”

Merry Christmas!!

It’s finally here!! We can all relax now… the shopping and/or crafting frenzy is complete! DD and I are celebrating our third and final Christmas for the year, enjoying each other’s company and getting some rest after a crazy month of work and parental house guests.

Today is Thursday, so you know that means there’s a throwback sewing project coming your way! It’s a Christmas Sewaholic Renfrew! I really should have included this in my Parade of Renfrews post, but I honestly forgot about it until thinking about what to post for Christmas. My bad!

I really like it when people go all out and get really festive with their holiday wear. I’m a fan of the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” and have a standard Santa one from WalMart, but I need to make my own one day (i.e. applique some really crazy stuff onto a sweater). I came close enough with a lazy version… so behold, the Not-So-Ugly Christmas Not-Really-A-Sweater:

IMG_5090The fabric is from and is sooo soft and pretty good quality. I made the long-sleeved, round neck version of the Renfrew and left off the hem band. I also added 4 inches at the shorten/lengthen lines so there won’t be any booty crack-flashing when I’m rummaging through my presents. I really need to make more shirts like this because I love how the sleeve cuffs keep the sleeves in place when you put a jacket on. There’s nothing I hate more than sleeves bunching up when you’re putting on a jacket!

Collar close-up

I donned this last Christmas and will again today. Tucson winter is mild enough that I can get away with wearing just a long-sleeved t-shirt, hoorah!

DD gave me his permission to post his likeness on my blog, so here’s some typical Christmas photos of us, taken courtesy of his cousin last year. 🙂

10847881_10100229030627785_6308808162563283729_nHis beard is more impressive this year, by the way. I might have to make him a flannel shirt to go with that lumberjack beard and reindeer hat…


And in case you’re wondering, he’s wearing a RUM HAM shirt. If you watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you’ll get the reference. 😉

Well, that about does it. I’m ready to rip into some presents and stuff myself with the cinnamon streusel cake and pecan praline cookies I made last night… all while watching “A Christmas Story” on repeat.

I hope Santa gives y’all what you wanted and may you have the best Christmas EVER!!!



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