Me Made May

Me-Made-May Week 4

Hello, hello, everyone! And Happy Memorial Day to my ‘Murican readers! I hope you all are having a great day whether you have to work or not. I’m off today, so that means I’ll get more sewing done. 🙂 Gotta love those 3-day weekends!

For this week’s Me-Made-May I actually wore something handmade EVERY DAY. I’m calling this week 4 although it looks like a lot of you are labeling yours week 3. I’m counting the mini-week of the 1st and 2nd as a week. Then again, does it matter? You’re just here for the photos!

Monday, 5/18

11181686_10100317100490075_9032441936416435770_nI started the week off with my Cynthia Rowley Strawberry Top. I’ve gotten a few compliments on that necklace, too. It was a Christmas gift from Mama RED from Brighton. Thanks, Mom!

Tuesday, 5/19

11227656_10100318007048325_9029556501719021139_nTasso decided to photobomb me while wearing my Colette Patterns Moneta dress. I flipping love this dress.

Wednesday, 5/20

11060887_10100319512656075_1189130163898336843_nAfter work I changed into my Peacock Scoop Top to go play Bunco with my lady friends. I thought Chickie von Poopenstein would make a good photo guest. Peacocks and chickens, yay!

Thursday, 5/21

1376350_10100320215582405_4294608040591096706_nI wore my Vogue Shirt of DOOM! The shoulders are crazy small, so I feel like She-Hulk when I wear this. At least the print is busy enough where you can’t see the strain lines…

Friday, 5/22

11102610_10100320709158275_1628076489608729946_nI figured the day before Memorial Day weekend would be a good time to bust out my ‘Murica! Dress. It provided a good laugh at the office while I spread cheer and patriotism. 🙂

Saturday, 5/23

21669_10100321353781445_8075962292325263562_nI got a little lazy over the weekend. I just threw on a Sewaholic Renfrew to run errands… which included buying fabric that I DON’T NEED. But it’s going to turn into such cute things… and everyone needs cute things…. so I guess I did NEED it, right?

Sunday, 5/24

11295732_10100322938166325_5033865139994221917_nAnother Renfrew just so I looked decent enough to get out of the house for brunch. I spent the rest of the day sewing a dress I’m very excited about, but probably won’t post about it until July. Ooooh cliff-hanger!

So that wraps up MMM week 4! Let’s see what I have up my sleeve this week – I’m starting to run out of ideas since I don’t want to repeat any outfits!

‘Til next week!


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