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Europe 2016: Travel Wardrobe, Sights, and Sewing

DD and I have been quite the jet-setters this year (thanks, buttloads of overtime!). We went on a 2-week vacation to Germany, Switzerland, and France the last half of September. I’ll go over the me-made items I packed, a quick tour of all the cities we visited, then talk about some sewing stuff from my… Continue reading Europe 2016: Travel Wardrobe, Sights, and Sewing

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Throwback Thursday: A Purple Plantain

Woohoo, it’s Thursday, people! Today is technically my Friday (hooray for compressed work schedules!), so BOOYA. There’s nothing better than knowing a three-day weekend is coming up! Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be getting much sewing done since I have lots to do before yet another work trip next week. BUT the good news is… Continue reading Throwback Thursday: A Purple Plantain