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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – More Grainline Lark Tees!

I’ve been known to obsess over certain patterns. My eight renditions of the Colette Moneta Dress became a topic of playful teasing among my online sewing friends.

Recently I found my perfect t-shirt pattern, the Grainline Studio Lark Tee. I’ve made many t-shirts before, between tracing my own, the Sewaholic Renfrew, the Deer and Doe Plantain, and the Scoop Top Tee. But none came close to the comfort and fit of the Lark Tee!

You can see my first Lark here, followed by some refashioned t-shirts using the Lark pattern here. While I was refashioning my t-shirts, I went on a Lark Tee making frenzy and started stash-busting. I am now up to a total of eight Lark Tees, made in just a couple of short months!

For all of my Larks, I cut a size 8 on top, grading to a 10 at the hips. I also shortened the hem by 1 1/2 inches.

First up is my salmon Lark Tee.


I’ve made many pieces from this fabric – some pajamas and a Plantain Tee. I recently donated my Plantain Tee because although it was super cute, I didn’t like how it fit me in the shoulders and armpits. It was way too tight, thus inducing more sweating than necessary!

Check out a side-by-side comparison:

See? Not too much pulling in the bust and my beefy guns can breathe a little better. ๐Ÿ˜‰


I think one of the reasons I love the Lark so much is that it’s loose enough to provide breath-ability, but also tailored enough to be flattering.


I’m glad I can still enjoy this fabric in a top that is perfect for me!

Next up is a Dutch pattern from


I’ve used this to make a Grainline Linden Sweatshirt, which got a lot of wear earlier this year. I think this fabric is really fun and screams “fall!”


Although it’s labeled as a Dutch print, this fabric also reminds me of Germany. Perfect to participate in local Oktoberfests when I don’t feel like wearing my dirndl!


On to the next Lark – I realized I needed a basic plain white tee in my closet, so I bought a few yards of this lightweight white jersey at my local SAS Fabrics.


I made the v-neck with the cap sleeves for this one. I also need to wear a nude bra underneath because anything else would definitely show in this fabric.


I love how it goes seamlessly with my Grainline Maritime Shorts. I think I’ll be wearing this combination a lot!


And finally (for now) I am prepping for winter with my first long-sleeved Lark Tee.


I realized I need more long-sleeved tees in my closet. Usually a short-sleeved t-shirt and light jacket is enough for fall/winter in Tucson, but I’ll be making some trips this winter to colder places and long-sleeved tees are a must!


I bought this fabric at SAS when I got the white t-shirt fabric. It’s funny, when I started sewing and buying fabric, I always bought patterned fabric. Now I’m buying more solid and neutral fabrics because I finally realized a whole closet of fox, flower, and cat prints don’t really go together!


So I guess it’s safe to say that this is yet another TNT pattern for me. Good thing, too because the Sewcialist theme for November is TNT patterns!

What’s your favorite tee pattern and how many have you made? I find I’m reaching for my Larks more than my RTW shirts… they’re slowly taking over! (I ain’t mad…)


15 thoughts on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop – More Grainline Lark Tees!

  1. These are fantastic! You’ve gotten so good at making wardrobe staples. You have an army of tanks and now lots of larks. I need to work on these types of things. Btw… I can’t get over how much your hair has changed

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m so glad I’m finding great patterns to replace all the ill-fitting RTW in my closet. ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s crazy, huh? I’m growing it out super long again so I can get tired of it and cut/donate it again. I get bored so easily with my hair!

      Liked by 1 person

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