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Throwback Thursday: What Does the Dress Say?

Trends. There are some trends that I won’t touch with a 10-foot pole (sorry, Peter-Pan collars) and there are some that I’ll jump all over. When the song, “What Does the Fox Say?” came out, foxes instantaneously became trendy.

Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of the song, but I am grateful that a cute and clever animal got the spotlight. Now there are so many clothes and accessories dedicated to the fox.

I’m also grateful that came out with this adorable fox fabric earlier this year:

IMG_0949I’m a fan of fun prints and quirky clothes. If I had it my way, I would wear fun clothes all the time. But this whole having a grown-up job and being a grown-up kind of gets in the way of my fun sometimes… only sometimes.

Behold, my foxy dress!

Complete with photo-bombing Tasso

This was completed in February 2014 and I couldn’t resist wearing it to work on Valentine’s Day. I was feeling quite “foxy”… har har. Thank goodness for casual Fridays!

Modeling with Boudin, my foxy kitty
Modeling with Boudin, my foxy kitty

This was a Frankenpattern… the top is Sewaholic’s Renfrew and the bottom is McCall’s M6559. It worked out pretty well but the material doesn’t have a whole lot of stretch to it for a jersey (30%). So it’s comfortable but could be moreso. At least it’s nice and toasty for Tucson winters! Umm… so that’s like 70 degrees and sunny? Don’t hate.

Now that the weather is becoming bearable, I’m excited to bust out this dress again. I love the color of the blue in the fabric… although be warned, it fades quickly. Oh, GirlCharlee, I love you but let’s try a little harder, please.

I still have enough of this fabric to make a tank top. But I’m starting to get overwhelmed with the amount of fabric I have (it’s not that bad, really) and all of the projects I want to finish. Oh, real job, why must you get in the way of my dreams? Oh, yeah… I need money for fabric. Sigh. Maybe one day we’ll win the lottery. Wouldn’t that be nice, Boudin?

Boudin is SO EXCITED to pose with me

In case you were wondering, the fox actually DOES say something. I learned this while teaching elementary students in Japan. It was during a very fun animal lesson and I decided to have a fun exchange of what different noises animals make in English versus Japanese.

“What does the dog say in Japanese?”

“Wan wan!”

“Oh, really? The dog says woof woof in English!”


Then I wanted to get tricky… “What does the fox say?!” I asked, thinking of how clever I was and that they would surely be stumped!


“Oh… really? Um OK, cool!”

So there you have it, folks. The fox says “kon kon”… or at least it does in Japan. 🙂


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