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True Bias Double-Threat: Ogden Camis and Lander Shorts

Kelly from True Bias sure does know how to make some of the best wardrobe staple pieces. The sewing blogosphere and Instagram (-osphere?) are always busting at the seams with new Ogden Cami and Lander Pants/Shorts makes, and they always have me wanting to make more for myself!

I’ve made a few versions of the Ogden Cami and Lander Pants / Shorts before, so I know how good these patterns are! It is no surprise that I made two Ogdens when I was trying to find my sew-jo during the pandemic. Here is the first, sewn sometime in 2020:

I’ve had this fabric for a long time and it always made me smile because I think it’s so pretty, even though I don’t usually gravitate toward this color red for clothing.

It’s a M’Liss quilting cotton that looks very Asian-inspired (which I am always a fan of!). I only bought about 2 yards. I made my mother-in-law and friend masks out of this, so I didn’t have a whole lot left. That’s what’s so great about the Ogden pattern… you don’t need much fabric!

I cut a size 10 instead of my usual 8 because I’ve been sedentary since starting school (…and stress eating, of course). I should have stuck with my usual 8 because I ended up taking in a good amount from the sides.

You know, I don’t reach for this cami enough, yet I think it looks pretty cute in these pictures! I usually shy away from wearing quilting cottons day-to-day because they feel a bit stiff, but it looks like this has a decent drape from the pictures.

There is also the option to tie it!

I should rock this look more often. It’s so cute with the Lander Shorts!

Next up is another Ogden Cami I made in April 2021. Yay, a recent make!

This is the same fabric I used to make my first Melilot Shirt and although it HATES being ironed (it’s some kind of poly chiffon), I love this stinkin’ fabric. It’s hard to see, but it has tiny gold dots that look so nice with the pretty lavender color.

One bummer about this shirt is I cut the fabric out in 2018 before my move to Japan, so it has been sitting in my stash in boxes getting squished… resulting in permanent wrinkles. 😦

I’ve washed it a few times already, but those darn wrinkles are there to stay! Let this be a cautionary tale to the fabric hoarders out there – your fabric wants to be cut and worn and able to breathe! It hates being folded and squished on shelves or in boxes. So use it all up, ladies and gentlemen!

Another thing I love about this pattern is there is basically no need for a serger. I French-seamed this whole Ogden! Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my serger – but it’s nice to not have to set up a whole other machine and switch between them when you’re in a sewing frenzy.

Now let’s talk about these Lander Shorts!

As you can tell, they are not fresh off the machine and have been well-loved. I made these in 2018 right after my first Lander Shorts. This denim fabric is left over from my first pair of Ginger Jeans. I was in a hurry to deplete a large chunk of my fabric stash before the big move, so this was the best way I could have used my denim scraps!

These were sewn in a size 12 with the following adjustments (from what I can remember):

  • Curved the waistband
  • Brought darts in 3/8-inch each

They fit pretty well and are one of the only shorts that don’t cut off my circulation at the moment. My only beef is the denim doesn’t have the greatest recovery. The button fly stretches and pulls, so it creates a bit more bulk in my tummy area than I care for. But, they’re super comfortable, so I can’t complain much!

I love the way denim wears down over the years. It has so much character!

I have plans for a zipper-fly version in some Cone Mills denim I’ve been hoarding. I’m hoping the zipper-fly will prevent all that tummy warping I get with prolonged wear in these. I’ll also need to remember to scoop out the lower butt curve on the next pair to get rid of that wedgie. :-p

But that’s all I have for now! This is the perfect summer combo if summer dresses aren’t your thing. It’s getting hotter and more humid down here in Looooosiana, so I will be wearing these pieces for sure!

Stay cool, my friends!


4 thoughts on “True Bias Double-Threat: Ogden Camis and Lander Shorts

  1. All those pieces look terrific! I’ve been embracing the wedgie fit a bit recently (I think it balances the bagged-out legs I get now that I make more non-stretch jeans) but with the flawless fit you have there a little cheek cupping is purely optional. Camis look awesome too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I agree, the wedgie-fit does look good on the right bottoms… I’m just not used to it on me, lol! I’ll embrace it here, though, as these shorts will definitely get a lot more wear. 😉


    1. Thank you! The Landers are so comfortable – I highly recommend them! Now I just need to make more to catch up to all the Ogden Camis I’ve made, lol!


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