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Sailor Moon and Totoro Hand Embroidery

My love for hand embroidery and Japan have been well-documented on Sew RED-y. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve combined the two to make anime-inspired embroideries! Every [cool] girl that grew up in the ’90s is familiar with Sailor Moon. Who wouldn’t love the idea of your average high school girl actually being… Continue reading Sailor Moon and Totoro Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

A Hand-Embroidered Mermaid for a Mer-Friend

I am lucky to have some really great friends and even luckier that some inspire me creatively.  One of my good friends is currently winning at life and has her own New Orleans designs for sale at and now has her own Etsy shop selling the cutest mermaid prints! We met in high school… Continue reading A Hand-Embroidered Mermaid for a Mer-Friend

Finished projects · Hand Embroidery

A Sashiko Chambray Scout Tee

Now that I’m getting more and more into hand embroidery, it’s only natural that I dip into sashiko embroidery, given my love of all things Japanese. Earlier this year, I went to a sewing/quilting expo and attended an informational panel about sashiko embroidery. For those who aren’t in the loop, sashiko is defined literally as… Continue reading A Sashiko Chambray Scout Tee