Me Made May

Me-Made-May ’16 Week 2

The second week of May has come to an end, so that means another Me-Made-May roundup post!

Sunday, May 8

Day 8-16

I managed to get out of my pajamas and throw on a Renfrew t-shirt to run to the grocery. The rest of the day was spent doing laundry and cleaning…. with a little touch of sewing.

Jeans: Banana Republic Outlet

Shoes: Rainbow sandals from Journeys

Monday, May 9

Day 9-16

Mondays call for comfy dresses, so I wore one of my many Monetas. The chickens aren’t that impressed.

Shoes: ModCloth

Tuesday, May 10

Day 10-16

This is another top that I get compliments on at work but I rarely wear. The pattern is Vogue 8815 and I sewed this as-is straight out of the envelope. The waist hits my bottom ribs which feel a little weird to me. That and the stiff quilting cotton I made this from makes me look a little pregnant. Whatever, it’s “fashion,” right?

I actually finished my second rendition of this last night since it is well-drafted and I am in desperate need of more cute work tops. No quilting cotton this time!

P.S. Happy chickens are productive chickens!

Pants: Banana Republic Outlet

Wednesday, May 11

Day 11-16

The joy of warmer weather means I can wear this super springtime dress! It’s holding up well after lots of wear, although it’s pilling a little where my purse hits my hip. The bright flowers distract from it, though, so I’m going to keep wearing this until it disintegrates!

Necklace: Salle’s in Slidell, LA (thanks, DD!)

Thursday, May 12

Day 12-16

Another Moneta, surprise! I like this one a lot because it looks a little fancier than my others. And the fabric is holding up nicely. This is another piece I will wear into the ground!

Necklace: Brighton (thanks, Mom!)

Shoes: ModCloth

Friday, May 13

Day 13-16

This was supposed to be one of my Fridays off (hooray for compressed work schedules!) but we’re in mandatory overtime now, so alas, I had to work. But I decided to be comfortable in a maxi dress! Don’t worry, I at least wore shoes to work…

Cat: Humane Society

Saturday, May 14

Day 14-16

The weekend, finally! DD and I had our weekly sushi dinner and I wore my Deer and Doe Arum dress. I’m liking it more each time I wear it, but I’m a little bummed that I can’t wear it to work as is… it’s a little on the short side. I wore it to work once with colored tights, but the fabric is super cheap WalMart fabric and it sticks to tights horribly. Either I’ll make a slip one of these days or this will solely be a weekend dress. I definitely want to make another in a slinky rayon – with an added 3 inches to the hem! 😉

Necklace and Shoes: ModCloth

Bracelet: Banana Republic

Woo-hoo, we’re about halfway there! I am really enjoying seeing everyone’s MMM posts – this is truly an inspiring month! As you can see, I’ve been working on making my daily photos a little more exciting by using different angles and props (cats?). I’m liking the challenge!

See you next week with more me-mades!


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