Me Made May

Me-Made-May Week 3

We are halfway through Me-Made-May! Woop woop! This past week I almost wore a handmade item everyday, but I still exceeded my goal of wearing at least 4 handmade garments per week. I’m still posting my almost daily pictures on my Instagram account and I enjoy seeing everyone else’s MMM outfits every day! To be honest, the whole reason I joined Instagram is so that I can take part in MMM, ha! Such a dork…

Anyway, let’s get to it!

Tuesday, 5/12:

11013587_10100311732407755_318953387667586770_nI busted out my Vogue 8815 top to make my Tuesday a little brighter.

Wednesday, 5/13:

10479137_10100312114771495_8107792300650132864_nI wore my Grown-Up-Cambie – I thought adding Tasso would make the picture more interesting, but I guess he thinks the window blinds are more interesting than actually posing for the picture.

Thursday, 5/14:

11222908_10100312516456515_6755626713762339121_nA bit blurry, but I wore my “Winter” Maxi Dress. I wanted to be comfortable since I was (and still am) having some tummy issues. I guess I caught whatever bug might be going around… it feels like someone is punching me in the stomach and then it stays in knots! Not fun but the show must go on!

Friday, 5/15:

11165192_10100313088714705_5420908959497814487_nI wore my Chicken Mama Renfrew on my day off. I had to get out of the house to escape a very needy cat and some very noisy chickens! Agh!

Saturday, 5/16:

11011891_10100314768353695_524520538453221809_nBelieve it or not, this photo has no Instagram filter! I guess the sun was in the right spot to make it all dreamy and artsy fartsy. I wore my third Colette Moneta (unblogged) out for a dinner date with DD. We were downtown and I was trying to find a cool place to take a picture for MMM. This sign by The Playground (a bar) was perfect!

Sunday, 5/17:

11221591_10100315979177195_9056368925627715123_nI wish I stayed in my pajamas all day, but there were things to do and places to be! I wore my Purple Flower True Bias Hudson Pants for a short time. Whoah, that fabric is NOT holding up well! I actually changed into my Moneta pictured above but who needs to see the same dress twice? By the way, I only wore it to dinner on Saturday so I swear I wasn’t stinky on Sunday! You can’t see it too well but those are Tokidoki rainbow stickers on my big toes. One of the clouds has a pirate eye patch. Kawaii!

Another week down, two more to go! I’ll see you next week for another roundup!


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