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Purple Flower True Bias Hudson Pants

What’s better than sewing something adorable? Sewing something adorable while helping out an awesome charity, of course.

I’m sure the usual sewing-blog-stalkers among you know about the Perfect Pattern Parcel, but for those who don’t it’s a collection of PDF indie patterns released for a limited-time for sale (YOU choose the price!) where the proceeds go toward children’s education. There have been seven parcels to date. I fell in love with some of the designs in Parcel #6, so I went for it and am so glad I did.

woerxx9Parcel 6 features (from left to right) a cute knit top, sweat pants, cardigan, maxi skirt, and a tunic/dress. There was a sixth pattern that you could “unlock” if you spent a certain amount that was a cute dress but not quite my style. I already have a good maxi skirt pattern, so eventually you’ll be seeing the rest of the patterns popping up here throughout the year(s).

For my first make from the parcel, I went for the True Bias Hudson Pant because it’s winter and nothing says winter better than some comfy pants!

IMG_5318I know these don’t look like your typical sweat pants, but I had so much knit fabric lying around that I had to do something with it. Plus, it looks decent enough to wear out in public – I think this type of pant is trendy now, anyway. (I don’t keep up with trends nor care too much so sorry if I’m wrong.)

IMG_5325OK so there are two things going on with these pants. The first is I decided to get rid of the cording/front tie because 1) I usually don’t tuck in my pants and hate having a tiny bulge on my stomach and 2) I didn’t like any of the cording options at my local fabric store, anyway. The second thing is the fabric… you might notice there are some random weird horizontal lines happening and it’s because I bought the fabric super cheap from because it was flawed. The website didn’t specify exactly what was wrong with it, so it was basically a crap shoot. I don’t think it’s terrible for pants I’ll be wearing around the house most of the time anyway, plus I couldn’t pass up that awesome border print so I could make nifty designs like this:


Super neat, huh?

IMG_5330These are almost as easy as sewing your standard PJ pants… just a few extra steps are added for the waistband and pockets, really. These were a super quick make for me, which is about 3-4.5 hours because I’m a sewing sloth. I also tested the sizing by basting the pieces first with Odin, then later serging with Freya.

I’ve been working on some more “complex” projects lately (not that crazy, but not like PJ pants, hah!), so I think I’ll cut out another pair of these this weekend to bust out for an instant gratification piece. I need more of these in my life anyway because they don’t roll up to my knees while I’m sleeping which drives me NUTS with normal PJ/sweat pants.

IMG_5332 I think it’s hilarious how I have tiny flowers almost right in the center of my butt cheeks. Keeping it classy, y’all.

The only changes I would make to the pattern for next time is maybe adding 1-2 inches to the length. These are drafted for someone a few inches shorter than me and I can definitely tell when I wear them. The fabric I used has only 30% stretch, so things get a little tight and pull a bit when I bend my knees a lot. I cut a straight size 12 for this and will probably do the same for future makes. I’m also eying the shorter version of this pattern for early summer lounge pants. Cuuuuuute.

IMG_5334So tell me, would you/do you wear your PJs out in public? I did a couple of weeks ago but only for the Wendy’s drive-thru because I was sick! No shame in that, LOL.


11 thoughts on “Purple Flower True Bias Hudson Pants

  1. LOVE the use of the border–it looks like a kaleidoscope running up your legs (in a good way)! Welcome to the “My Butt Is On The Internet” club; you may sit by me and my eye-wateringly tight skirt, LOL.

    I will wear sweatpants/pj’s out of my house on two occasions: if I am sick and have to go somewhere, and on grocery day. I do our shopping at 6AM on Sundays, and I basically go straight from bed to my car and back again, so my dress sense develops a serious case of NO1CURR.

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    1. I love the thought of “My Butt Is On The Internet” club – we have to make this a real thing, ha!

      Whoah that’s hardcore – grocery shopping at 6 am? On SUNDAY? That’s just…. I can’t even fathom being up that early on a Sunday (except when the cats get stupid). You get a free pass to dress however the heck you want at 6 am on a Sunday in my opinion. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! Well it’s easy, because I’m up by 6:30 anyway, and it’s just me and the employees at the store at that hour, which I love. I get to use the U-Scan machine with a week’s worth of stuff in my cart AND NOBODY CARES. Totally worth it, LOL.

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  2. i absolutely love how you used the border fabric!! it is pretty brilliant i must say. it makes them look fancier! I feel like I wouldn’t wear these outside the house except drive through or quick run to pick up something, or my moms house) but i feel like the cuffed thing on the bottom isn’t flattering on me…but i have seen lots of people try this pattern and love it so maybe i should just try it out!!


    1. I wasn’t sure if these would be flattering on me either but I’m not cringing at the photos and am happy they’re actually semi-flattering. It will probably be cute on you, too! Worst case scenario, they’re pretty nice bum around the house pants.

      These haven’t made it out of the house yet (maybe never since the fabric is just starting to look faded and sad… plus inner-thigh chub rub is making it pill a little…) BUT there are ideas floating in my head on making a shorter version for the gym with high performance/lycra/whatever you call it material. 😀

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      1. Awww sad that it is sad fabric. I was just thinking though that I need to make some fancier loungewear so I feel fancier. Instead of a giant tshirt and giant sweatpants or pajama pants. They really look great on you!! I like them a lot

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