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Throwback Thursday: A Winter Maxi Dress

How’s everyone settling into the new year? I hope it’s going well for all of you! I’d hate to say it, but mine has been… well… let’s just say I’m looking forward to 2016.  I haven’t been sewing too much lately because 2015 has thrown a few kinks my way, so bear with me and the back-to-back “Throwback Thursday” posts. At least I have a few oldies but goodies to keep sharing with y’all!

This week’s TBT post was made in December 2013 ~ January 2014… a winter maxi dress, featuring one of my favorite McCall’s patterns, M6559!

IMG_0869I say it’s a winter dress because the fabric is a very thick knit from, and this dress plus a light jacket is perfect for Arizona winters. I haven’t seen this fabric for sale again since I’ve bought it but it’s the neatest fabric ever – the stripes are different depending which part of the fabric you cut. Take a look – one side it looks one way:

IMG_0866And the other side looks very different:

IMG_0867Hah, it looks like a very curious kitty snuck in to photobomb me!

I have used this pattern many times since, including a summer-y maxi dress where I made a slight swayback adjustment. You can see in my winter maxi’s pictures where the fabric pools a little at the small of my back. The joys of having a badunk, you guys…

Since I have been sewing, my wardrobe is kind of all over the place. I try new patterns based on techniques I want to learn as well as the popularity of it on the internet/sewing blogs (Cambie dress, I’m looking at you!). This dress really isn’t my usual style, but I appreciate the unique quality of the fabric and the comfort of the dress pattern. Basically, if I saw this for sale at the mall, I probably wouldn’t buy it. But since it’s something I put some effort into, I’m darn proud to wear it. And this pattern actually made me realize how comfortable maxi dresses can be. You know I’ll be making more of these come springtime! I love how it makes you look somewhat dressed up but in reality it’s just secret pajamas. Can I get an “AMEN” for secret pajamas?!

So I’ll leave you with that thought as I’m making this kind of a short post. I’ll be busy trying to dodge all the other monkey wrenches 2015 will throw at me and I’ll see you all again soon. ❤


3 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: A Winter Maxi Dress

    1. Thank you! Writing this post helped me remember I have it- must bust that out soon when the weather gets a little warmer this weekend. 🙂

      And hey, my year can only go up from here, right? 😉

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