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Throwback Thursday: Come On, Vogue

Oooh, you’ve got to
Let your body move to the music
Oooh, you’ve got to just
Let your body go with the flow
Oooh, you’ve got to

Sorry, I can’t help myself when I hear or think of Vogue! This TBT features my very first Vogue pattern, V8815 (view A).

Peplums galore
Peplums galore
Awkward bathroom selfie FTE
Awkward bathroom selfie FTW

Normally I wouldn’t go for this type of shirt, but I couldn’t help but try it out when I was blog-stalking Angie from Sew I Thought and saw how cute her version came out. Quick side note– this was before I even met her and now she’s going to be my niece in April! How crazy is life, huh? And I expect to be called Aunt Rachel, btw…. *ahem ahem*…. just kidding! But not really. :-p

Anyhoo, I was pretty darn impressed with how the fit was right out of the package. I remember having to grade out for the waist, but it wasn’t by much.

Awkward bathroom selfie now with belt!
Awkward bathroom selfie now with belt!

I have worn this quite a few times to work and the only gripe I have (OK, 2 gripes) is the fabric is a bit stiff so the peplum poofs out and the waist is a smidge too high, thus making me look a little preggers. The fabric is a quilting cotton from the M’Liss line at Hancock Fabrics and it’s drop-dead gorgeous. How could I not wear it?! You may recognize the fabric from my camera strap tutorial here.

Asian-y prettiness

I saw a version of this on where the top was turned into a dress just by extending the peplum. I am sooo wanting to try that! Maybe with the short sleeve option, hmmmm?

And for those who are thinking about this pattern… go for it! It was one of the easier projects I’ve done… a few darts, bias tape neck and arm holes, invisible zipper, and BAM! You’re done!

That’s it for this week. Y’all keep on Vogue-ing and being all classy or something. Um yeah. VOGUE!


9 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Come On, Vogue

    1. Dude(ette), get it! It’s one of those quick gratification projects that feels so rewarding.

      Haha, thanks! It’s kinda hard not to look derpy when you’re taking a picture in front of your used bath towels, though. 😉


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