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… Seven Moneta, More!

One Moneta, Two Moneta

Three Moneta, Four

Five Moneta, Six Moneta

Seven Moneta, More!

Y’all didn’t think I would finish the rhyme, now did you? DID YOU?!

You read that right, I’ve made 8 Colette Monetas so far. Am I crazy? Maybe. Is it a good pattern? You betcha!

Meet Moneta #7:


Isn’t she crazy? A while back, I went on an “ethnic” print buying binge at Bold prints aren’t usually my thing, but I think they translate well into Monetas. They make an otherwise Plain-Jane dress into WOWZA.


I didn’t include the pockets in this version (or the eighth version, either). I made this back in February, but I think I remember not having quite enough fabric to pull off pockets. I think this fabric was printed wonky or cut wonky, so 2 yards didn’t get me much to work with.


But I love her. She gets a ton of wear… almost once a week or every other week. The Moneta is awesome in that she is stupidly comfortable, yet business casual-friendly.


Not too long ago, I was wearing this at work when a coworker stopped me to ask if it was a LuLaRoe dress. I happily chirped, “Nope! I made it!”

It feels good when someone thinks your me-mades are RTW, right?

Photobombing courtesy of Caroline and Chickie von Poopenstein

I’m also pretty proud I was able to match the “stripes” on the side seams! Heck yeah! Time to strike a pose:


The modeling contracts are piling up now, lemme tell ya.

Aaaaand last but certainly not least, here’s Moneta #8:


Another ethnic print, another winner! Just look at that pretty fabric!


I love how these dresses can easily go from spring to summer to fall… and if you’re lucky like me in the desert, even into winter!


I matched the print on the side seams again, woohoo!


There’s something I have to confess… and please don’t laugh… I’ve worn my Monetas so much this summer that I have a Moneta farmer’s tan. That feminine back neck scoop is a semi-permanent sun tattoo on me now. If that won’t make me the spokesperson/face of the Moneta, I don’t know what will.


So now that I have made 8 (7 in my closet… one was a gift), do you think I should move onto another TNT pattern? Or shall I continue this obsessive trend and forever live in these stretchy and stylish dresses?



P.S. This post goes out to my girl Melissa at Mahlicadesigns for always encouraging/poking fun at my Moneta obsession – I think “Moneta-ry Me-Made-May” will happen one day! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, another shout-out to my girl Jamie at Mac’s Crafts for being as obsessed with the Sorbetto as I am with the Moneta. We need to start a support group.


18 thoughts on “… Seven Moneta, More!

  1. Woop woop! Thanks for the shout-out!
    I’m really feeling your model-esque pose. You always throw an interesting one in there and I love it. I think you’re starting a whole rainbow of Monetas! Have you ever worn all of them in one week and see if anyone notices it’s the same dress style every day? We’re going to end up having a race to see who can make more Monetas/Sorbettos. lol
    The big prints are great. I love them when I see them on everyone else but seldom by them for myself.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. After a while I start grasping for poses. I feel like I always take the same pictures, so I’m glad you’re enjoying me changing it up sometimes!

      I haven’t worn them all in one week but that might be something to try! I wonder if people would notice, too! It also might be interesting to see how I can accessorize them differently to make it more interesting.

      Let the race begin! LOL. I think I might start having a problem with Grainline Scout and Tiny Pocket Tanks. I’m waiting to sew up an arsenal before blogging (maybe in the spring). Yay for TNTs!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I couldn’t help myself from laughing on the Moneta tan. A true badge of fangirl honor, indeed. I love, love the aqua and pink one. It’s like AZ in fabric form, and it works great on this silhouette which continues to look just great on you.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can’t get over how amazingly perfect these dresses suit you AND The background you took them in ๐Ÿ™‚ Such a fun and inspiring blog post – thank you! I always feel so silly too when I make up a bunch of the same thing but when you find a pattern that suits you and you love the fabric what can be wrong with that I say? I’ve been on a knit craze – making Jennifer Stern’s Tee pattern (which is fabulous I have to say) and those Ooh la Leggings by Papercuts – another pattern I adore. I’ve been indulging my wild legging woman with some lovely b/w flowered (of course) Liberty.

    Liked by 1 person

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