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Let’s Stop Counting My Monetas, Shall We?

Now that I’m slipping back into sewing again, I’m reaching for my good ol’ TNT (tried-n-true) patterns. Now you KNEW it was only a matter of time until I had to make another Colette Moneta! Surprise, surprise!

Isn’t this the cutest fall outfit? I know spring is right around the corner, but I’m moving a little slowly here so please forgive me. These pictures were taken on Thanksgiving Day – the perfect stretchy dress for a day of gorging myself on food!

I got this fabric at SAS in Tucson (which I hear is closing!), so it was pretty cheap. It’s a very flimsy jersey knit and I was drawn to the colors and floral design. Unfortunately, I don’t see this surviving many trips through the washer and dryer because of the quality of the fabric. But isn’t it so darn cute??

I had to re-print the pattern since I got rid of all of my printed PDF patterns before my move to Japan to save space. I added my usual 1 inch to the length on top since I’m a tall lady. I normally go with a size S on top and blend to a M at the waist and throughout the hip, but this time I cut a straight size M.

That was a mistake.

I may have been able to get away with it if the fabric had some more stability, but since it’s super flimsy, the extra room just makes it kind of sag, as you can see at my waist in the photo below. HOW CAN I HAVE MESSED UP A PATTERN I’VE MADE 8 TIMES BEFORE????

It’s not terrible enough where it’s very noticeable to others (or so I think), but I don’t feel 100% comfortable knowing I have to keep adjusting myself so the dress doesn’t melt off of me. It will still get worn until it disintegrates, though. Maybe a wide belt will help make me feel more put together?

Even though this wasn’t a super blew-it-out-of-the-park make, I’m still totally digging these 90’s vibes my pictures are giving! I am so living for the 90’s trends right now. How about you? Wait… the 90’s are still trending… right?


7 thoughts on “Let’s Stop Counting My Monetas, Shall We?

  1. Looks beautiful! And your ponytail accompanies it well 🙂 I can just imagine you spinning around in that lovely weather 🙂 Hope you are enjoying life lately! ❤

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