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Bonjour, guten tag, hallo, and ahoj!

DD and I just got back from our 2 week European belated honeymoon whirlwind. It was tres magnifique!  I’ll go a little more into our adventures in a later post, but we squeezed 13 cities within 5 countries into that time-frame. Needless to say we are exhausted and jet-lagged TO THE MAX.

Speaking of TO THE MAX… I’d like to share a maxi dress I threw together before our trip. Ha, see what I did there? Sorry guys, I’m pretty loopy.

IMG_2366This is view D of McCall’s M6559 pattern. This is actually my second make of this pattern- I’ll share my first version in a future TBT post (what a tease!).

IMG_2371Whoah excuse the blurry-ness. We need to work on learning my camera a bit more. I’ve gotten a bit of mileage out of this pattern already. I’ve used the bottom half of this dress pattern to Franken-pattern other dresses, one of them being my ‘MURICA dress. I already have ideas on using the top part for more Franken-patterned dresses since it fits me so well.


I deviated from the pattern instructions which have you just turn and stitch the neck and arm holes. I made my own bias binding from scraps of this fabric to make it a bit sturdier. I also added twill tape to the shoulder seams.

The fabric is from and does not have a lot of stretch. It’s still comfortable but walking with long strides is a bit of a challenge. I have ideas for a third maxi dress to fix this problem….

IMG_2375After 1 wash, the fabric isn’t looking its best which happens to some of the fabrics I get from GirlCharlee… but it’s so cute and reasonably priced that it doesn’t bother me too much.

IMG_2374I never thought I would be one to look good in maxi dresses, but whaddya know. Thank goodness because they are easy to sew AND comfortable to wear AND you look somewhat put together. WIN-WIN-WIN TO THE MAX!!


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