Me Made May

Me-Made-May ’16 Week 1

Me-Made-May week 1 is over! Let’s see how I did.

Sunday, May 1

Day 1-16

The first day was a Sunday, and I rarely get out of my pajamas on Sundays since they’re usually spent catching up on household chores. I was super comfortable and stylin’ in my Spring-y Hudson Pants. These are so cute and I get a lot of compliments online, but I still feel weird about stepping out of the house in sweatpants. I know it’s acceptable in Arizona, but I guess I’m not a true Arizonan… yet…

Monday, May 2

Day 2-16 (2)

Monday calls for migraines, so I wore my Migraine Simulation Skirt. This usually gets a lot of wear during the summer at work. It’s comfortable so it feels like secret pajamas but still “dressy” enough to pass as a functioning adult. Mental note to self: Make more of these!

Top: New York and Company

Shoes: DSW

Tuesday, May 3

Day 2-16

Ah, the Cynthia Rowley Strawberry Top! This poor thing never makes it out of the house unless it’s MMM. I still have the same complaints about it, but I still get compliments at work! Maybe I should be less judgemental of her and actually keep her in normal rotation?

Pants: Banana Republic Outlet

Shoes: Kenneth Cole from Off Saks 5th Avenue Outlet

Wednesday, May 4

Day 3-16

This is the first but it won’t be the last Colette Moneta you’ll see this month. I have yet to blog this one since I’m waiting on making another to go with my other two-fer posts. This one has become a favorite and is very Arizona-appropriate!

Thursday, May 5

Day 4-16

I wore my unblogged self-drafted leggings. These have had a ton of wear since I’ve made them and they’re still holding up well. BTW, Tasso is not snarling, I just caught him post-yawn!

Tunic: Forever 21

Shoes: Modcloth

Friday, May 6

Day 5-16

I didn’t wear any me-mades to work as I thought I would wear one of my Pneuma Tanks to work out in afterwards. Well, unplanned overtime and just a general “I can’t even” after a long work week led to resorting to me-made pajamas for the day. They’re unblogged and I busted them out for last MMM. They’re little snowmen and I love them! But cotton PJs are too cold to wear in December at Casa RED.

Say hi to Boudin! 🙂

Saturday, May 7

Day 6-16

The Tucson Homebrew Association had their annual brew day and this was our first time participating. The club goes to a local brewery and sets up outside to brew their own beer and talk everything beer. I don’t really help much in the brewing process except bottling and drinking, so I mostly went to support DD and… well…. drink. I wore my Peacock Maxi Dress to keep cool and it worked! We met some new friends and hung out the rest of the day with them, so all in all a great day!

I think I got off to a good start for Me-Made-May. Let’s see how I do in the following weeks.

If you’re participating, how is your MMM going? Are you sticking with your pledge??

See you next week!


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