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It’s official, spring is here! And with it comes beautiful weather and windstorms of pollen and dust – wonderful for those of us with allergies and asthma. But I suppose it’s better than being stuck in a polar vortex of snowy doom, amirite?

To celebrate spring (and because I need more cute dresses in my life), I busted out a super-cute, super-girly pink flowery dress!

IMG_5354This kind of makes me want to run and twirl in a field of flowers, but then I remember I live in Arizona so a field of flowers is hard to come by. But I am so happy with how this turned out!

IMG_5365Let’s start with the pattern… or should I say patterns? I wanted to use Butterick 5781, but didn’t want to attempt the pleated skirt with the scuba knit fabric. Things would get a little too bulky and I’ve tried sewing it with a knit fabric before, which didn’t turn out as perfect as planned. I still wanted pockets because now I’m spoiled and want POCKETS IN ALL THE THINGS. I remembered how flattering the Sewaholic Cambie view A skirt was and voila! The perfect Franken-pattern!

Sneaky chicken photo-bomb

It took me a few tries to get the top and bottom bits matching properly, but look at that seam matching! The princess seam in the top flows right into the pocket and the side seams match. I am so relieved this worked.


Now let’s talk about the fabric. It’s a “techno scuba knit” from, and I have to be honest – when I received it, I wasn’t expecting the print to be so large and the fabric to feel so…. weird. It sat in my stash for a season until inspiration struck. I am now OBSESSED with this fabric! It sews so easily and it’s the most comfortable fabric I’ve sewn with. It’s got great stretch and recovery and it feels great against the skin.

I cut a size 6 in both patterns since I wanted some negative ease with this fabric. I added 1/2″ to the bodice since the original had the waist seam almost at my ribs. One issue I have with the Butterick pattern is I have to always take out a big chunk out of the top back pieces because there’s usually crazy gaping there. I took out a whole 1 and 1/8″ from the top center back and graded down gradually to the waist.

Chicken Butt

And since it stretches so nicely, I omitted the back zipper so I can just pull this dress on over my head. It also feels like secret pajamas when I wear it, so I have a feeling this will get a lot of wear. DD also told me it’s his favorite dress I have made so far, so that’s another incentive for me to wear it. πŸ™‚

IMG_5372I used Freya (my serger) for the construction and top-stitched the seams down with a stretch stitch on Odin (my sewing machine). I like how the top-stitching keeps everything in place and it looks neat. πŸ™‚ I made my own bias binding and used it around the neck and armholes to keep everything from stretching out.

IMG_5416I did not use a stretch stitch for the hem since it’s large enough to fit over my head without stretching, plus a straight stitch is way faster! I did two rows of stitching for the hem. I am still frightened to use a twin needle and know that this is what they’re made for – maybe one of these days I will conquer my fear.

Oh, and check out my shoes! I got these on sale at DSW last year, but I think they’re also available on I feel super girly when I wear these and usually get compliments!

IMG_5375OK, sewing blogosphere – I need your opinion. I have DD’s nephew’s wedding to attend in two weeks and I need to figure out which dress to wear. When I was making this dress, I imagined I would wear it to the wedding but then I remembered I had other fun dresses I could wear, too! I also am attending the rehearsal dinner, so I’ll need a dress for that as well.

What do you think?

NOLA trip 4-20141: Super girly spring dress,

2: Mullet dress, or

3. Fun strappy Asian-inspired dress?

I’m thinking 1 and 3 for the festivities, but am not sure which one to wear to the wedding and which to wear for the rehearsal dinner.

What are your thoughts?


29 thoughts on “The “SPRING IS HERE!” Dress

  1. That dress is SO AMAZING!! I think it’s my favorite make of yours too!! It fits you divinely! And DAAAAMN! The flow from the princess Sean to pocket is seriously some voodoo magic shiz! I have been wondering about scuba fabric…like is it think and feels like a swim suit? Is it breathable?
    I am totally not sure what dress you should wear for what. I think whichever one is the more formal occasion should be the Asian one and then the other your new girly one!

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    1. Yay, thanks! This fabric isn’t what you expect when you hear “scuba knit.” It’s definitely lighter than a “scuba suit” and from what I can tell, pretty breathable. The only downer is it seems to pick easily. I made Hudson Pants out of the scraps (future post!) and the right front thigh is picked a bit I guess from leaning against the sink – the underside of the counter is rough. 😦 I think you can use it for a swimsuit, though. I just bought a swimsuit pattern and am wondering if I should use the rest of the scraps for that… hmmmm.

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      1. Hmmm ok maybe I’ll try it out! I can’t wait to see your pants! And I think you should try making a swim suit! What pattern did you buy?


      2. I got McCall’s 5400. I’m wrestling with the idea of posing on the internet in a bathing suit, but it wouldn’t be my first time, I guess. I made a furry bikini for an anime convention in my 20’s and some pics are floating around the web, but then again 10 years does things to your body… LOL.

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      3. LOL you can take the photo from farther away and I honestly think that other people won’t notice anything going on with your booty…except looking good!!! Lol

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    1. Thanks! I think there’s a teal and white version of these shoes floating around out there, too. I highly recommend them… they’re pretty comfortable! πŸ˜€


    1. Thanks for commenting! I think I’m leaning toward just that – bust out the happy, springy dress for the wedding and do the other for the dinner. We’ll see!

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  2. This dress turned out beautifully springish! I have the same pocket obsession, I insist every dress get pockets, patterns be damned. Oh and I vote the first and dresses for your events πŸ˜‰

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    1. Pockets all the way!!! Tomorrow is the rehearsal dinner so I think I’m going with #3 for that and then #1 for the wedding. Gotta represent the handmade love.


  3. Okay, somehow I totally missed this post when it went up–boo!! I LOVE this dress, and am super impressed at the matching of the pocket line with the bodice seam. And I honestly would never have guessed that this dress was made of a knit by looking at it!

    I am also relieved to see that someone out there actually enjoys wearing scuba/neoprene knits! I have seen some people mention that they hate the way it feels to wear, that it’s gross and sticky, etc., and having just ordered my first cuts of the stuff, I was worried. Hopefully I can make something half as awesome with it as you have here!

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    1. Aw, thanks! DD told me again last night how much he likes this dress – he’s never complimented my clothes so much before, I guess it’s a keeper! And that whole seam-matching voo-doo… totally unintentional, but I’m glad it worked out. I guess these patterns were made for each other. πŸ˜‰

      I don’t notice anything different when I wear this fabric. Maybe it’s a lot softer and drapier than the fabric the “scuba haters” have? My only complaint is you have to be careful around rough edges because it picks, but otherwise it’s pretty breathable and hugs the body pretty nicely.

      Where did you order your fabric from? I wanna see what you’ll make- then we can be scuba sisters, har har! πŸ˜€

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      1. Good to know–thank you!! (Nail-biter here: I’ll have to wear gloves to handle it!) As luck would have it, I got my scuba last night and got to feel it up (LOL); it just feels like a really hefty double knit with LOTS of stretch, so maybe you’re right about a variety in quality being the real issue. I got mine from Gorgeous Fabrics (a dangerous website!) so I feel confident that it’s very high-quality, and I think I’ll make a pencil skirt with it. Hooray for scuba sisters! =)

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      2. Oh my gosh, that website DOES have gorgeous fabrics! Must…. look… away….! I just bought over $100 worth of fabric from today, so I need to chill LOL.

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      3. I hear ya–I went on a bender at GF during their Easter weekend sale and got some silk I’d been slobbering over for MONTHS, plus some jerseys and 2 scuba knits. And another fave of mine is having a 50% off sale this weekend. SOMEONE TAKE AWAY MY CREDIT CARD!!!!!!

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