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An Army of Tanks

Continuing on from posting all of my 2016 makes before the end of the year, I bring you my army of tank(s) [tops]!

So…. this first one I am sharing is actually from 2015 but as I was scrolling through my photos looking for the tanks I made this year, I came across this one and figured it fit well with the theme of this post. 🙂

I bring you… random tank I traced from an existing tank!


I went the lazy route and only traced the front of the tank and used the same piece for the back.


The original tank was a racer back, but I wanted something I could wear with a normal bra. The straps still slip out, so this has been deemed an “around the house” or “errands-running” top.


I used this jersey knit fabric from my stash, which was initially used to create my first T-shirt (also traced) which has since been donated. It’s a little itchy, but it works well enough for this loose-fitting tank top.


I made my own binding for the neck and arm holes and made sure I had one stripe color going all the way around. I like the effect. 🙂

I also find curved hems work well for my figure (ahem, dose HIPS!) as documented by my next tank…

My first Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank!


So this was made around the time I made my Ginger Jeans (early summer) and I probably should have sized up (made a size 6) as it’s a little tight around the bust and shoulder area…


Look at that tiny pocket!


I do have a problem with pooling at the lower back, and although this hem does have a little curve, I needed to do something more to help the tank lay flatter in the back. I ended up cutting a split seam on the sides (no photo taken of that, but stay tuned for an example in my next tank!).


Gah, that looks pretty bad! This has only been worn a couple of times. The fabric was a remnant I purchased at Hancock Fabrics (RIP) for pretty cheap. It’s a medium weight… uhh.. chambray? It’s got kind of a denim look and feel to it but it’s kind of poor quality. I only had about a yard of it, so this is all I could really make!


All in all, it’s not a bad top, I just think it might end up getting donated eventually once I made a sway-back adjustment for my next rendition(s).

I also got this pattern just before Grainline came out with the Willow Tank, which supposedly has a better fit. I do like the lower neckline and the smaller straps of the TPT, though. I swear I WILL MAKE THIS WORK.


And last but not least is my more successful TPT, the Green Wonder!


I sized up for this one (size 8) and it was definitely needed as this one is way more comfortable to wear. It also helps that the fabric has a better drape than the faux-denim/chambray one.


I inserted the tiniest split hem but it seems to work wonders! There’s slightly less pooling in the back, although I still think a sway back adjustment needs to be made.


I bought this fabric I think back in 2011 at SAS. Silly me, thinking 1 1/2 yards would make a cool button-down shirt. HAHAHA! I’ve learned since and am so happy I was able to use this scrap piece on something totally wearable.


I could even get away with wearing this to work as long as I cover up those shoulders with a cardigan. Tank tops aren’t allowed but I’m sneaky like that!


I usually have to extend the length in most sewing pattern bodices, but I’m happy to report that for both the Scout Tee and the Tiny Pocket Tank, I haven’t had to tweak the length!

I know the TPT has had its share of complaints about fit, but I think with some minor adjustments, it’s the perfect summer top to get rid of those pesky scraps lying around you just can’t bear to throw away!


9 thoughts on “An Army of Tanks

    1. I’ve stayed away from wovens for a while because of this, but I need to get through that stash, so now I have to learn how to fit.



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