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Throwback Thursday: My First T-Shirt

Happy Throwback Thursday! Today is technically my Friday since I changed my schedule at work to be off every other Friday. Booya! Here’s hoping my 3-day weekend will be packed with happy sewing times!

Anyhoo, this week’s TBT features a t-shirt I made in summer 2012:

Smug look on face or just  not photogenic?
Smug look on face or just not photogenic?

I basically took a t-shirt I already owned and traced it onto this striped knit I bought from SAS Fabrics in Tucson. I’ve seen lots of DIY tutorials featuring this technique that seemed easy enough… and it was! Just don’t forget to add seam allowances!

One thing I learned from this project was not all knits are created equal. The t-shirt I used as my base has crazy stretch, but this teal striped fabric has some stretch, but not a whole lot. Therefore, it came out quite a bit tighter than originally intended. Sigh. And the fabric is a bit itchier than I’d like. Double sigh.

I also extended the hem and made it rounder because I thought I could wear this with leggings (oh so desperate for compatible shirts to go with my awesome leggings). But unfortunately I can’t because 1) it’s tight and 2) the crotch coverage is not enough. Triple sigh.

406341_762844581385_2002199124_nIt’s been worn a few times and I’m pretty darn proud of it for not knowing what I was doing at the time. Plus teal and gray are two of my favorite colors to wear, so win!

That’s about it for this week! I hope everyone will have an awesome weekend filled with things like sewing and kittens. I’ll leave you with a random Boudin belly shot in case you’ll be missing out on the “kittens” part:

Surprised no one will give belly rubs
Surprised no one will give belly rubs



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