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Scout, Scout, Let It All Out

Scout, Scout, Let it all out

These are the tees I can’t do without

Come on

I’m talking to you

Come on

Do you have that Tears for Fears song in your head yet? I hope so because I couldn’t stop playing this in my head over and over again once I made 3 Scout Tees from Grainline Studio.


I know, I know… I’m suuuuper late to the blogging game on these. Everyone and their grandma has made the Scout Tee already, but this is my first rodeo with it. I ordered the pattern last year during Grainline’s Black Friday sale and finally sewed it up a few months ago.

This pattern is wonderful to showcase special fabrics and to use up some scraps since it doesn’t take too much yardage to make. I was able to use a little more of that mystery fabric from my Seamwork Akita as well as finally cut into some of the fabric I bought from my trip to Japan!


Let’s talk about the mystery fabric first.


So I know I totally made almost the exact same shirt twice. The Akita doesn’t have set-in sleeves, but the relaxed silhouette and exact same fabric doesn’t help differentiate them too well in my closet. Although I have to say I find myself grabbing for the Scout Tee before I go for my Akita.


I do need to wear a tank top underneath because that fabric is sheeeeeeer!


I struggled taming this beast fabric with the Akita and although it wasn’t easy with the Scout, I think I wrangled it pretty well. All of the inside seams are serged and the hems are stabilized with Steam-A-Seam so the fabric wouldn’t shift around on me when I tried sewing it.


It’s not really the most flattering silhouette, but this thing is darn comfy and once you’re a woman in your thirties, you don’t care about fashion over comfort anymore. Comfort all the way! (With a touch of fashion, of course!)

Scout, I swoon for you!


Up next is my second Scout, made with Cotton and Steel double gauze fabric:


The best part about this fabric? Sneaky CAT polka-dots!


Oh, and it’s comfy as heck, too! Double gauze feels like you’re wearing a baby blanket made of clouds. It’s amazing stuff.


I sewed this one using French Seams, so I didn’t use my serger at all. Since double gauze is basically two pieces of gauze fabric attached to each other, the seams got a little bulky while sewing but in the end it worked out. If I sewed a Scout with double gauze again, I would probably just stick to serging the seams.

And now for the final Scout! (But only final until the weather warms up again…):


OK, OK I know it looks a LOT like my first Scout, but they’re totally different, believe me! Look, I even added the Tiny Pocket Tank pocket!


The fabric is Nani Iro linen (you can get some from Ms. Matatabi on Etsy here) and I used the selvage edge to create that pocket stripe. Starting to think outside the box here – baby steps!


I love how the flowers are subtle and it’s hard to see here, but there’s a sheen to them, making it look almost iridescent. I’m so glad that didn’t wash out in the laundry!

I made a size 10 for all of these shirts. I’m realizing a 10 may be a little large for me, but I wanted to ensure I had full use of my arms as woven sleeved tops usually limit my mobility since I have wide, beefy shoulders. I’m happy to say that it fits great in the shoulders, but I’m finding it’s a little big in the neckline. I have to be careful when I bend over so I don’t flash everyone. I think I might size down on my next Scout.

Ignore the disgusted look on my face, this picture was taken before I was ready and I guess that’s what my face normally looks like, LOL.

I did French seams on this shirt, too.

Now I finally know what the hullabaloo is about when it comes to the Scout Tee. I’m just kicking myself for taking this long to give it a try! I see some breezy summers in my future. Well, they’ll always be sweltering in Arizona, but at least it will feel like I’m not wearing anything on top! Wait… did that come out wrong?

Anyway, yes, the Scout Tee IS all it’s cracked up to be and it’s awesome for showcasing those woven fabrics you really don’t know what to do with!


*Yes, I know tees don’t seem right to post about right after Christmas unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere (holla to my peeps down south!). Like most bloggers are doing now, I’m dumping the rest of my unblogged 2016 projects here before the new year because I’m OCD like that.


11 thoughts on “Scout, Scout, Let It All Out

    1. Haha if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The Scout is also awesome for when you don’t feel like diving into a big project but want something NOW.

      You are totes my doppelganger in that you’re a clothes factory, too – Ms. Sorbetto, Jamie Jeans, etc! 😉

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