Fail February

Fail February 2018!

Oh hey now, looks like that time of year has come around again – it’s time to dust off your failed makes for display because it’s FAIL FEBRUARY, y’all!


Fail February is a time when we come together to share, commiserate, and learn from each other’s sewing failures. We spend so much time sharing what went right instead of celebrating the failures that help us grow.

The fails can range from a wonky seam to sewing the wrong size to choosing the worst fabric and beyond!

Here are a few of my previously shared fails to get you going:


Cute pants turned clown pants!


A shirt that came out way too tight in the bust and shoulders!


Just…. no.20160118_134801

Horrible fabric, horrible fit, and meant for my husband!

Last year, quite a few of you got involved on your blogs and Instagram and it was a great time! Check out last year’s roundup here.

Let’s make Fail February 2018 another great failure by sharing our fails throughout the month! You can also join in on IG using the hashtag #failfebruary2018 so we can easily find each other’s junk!

Now go out there and let’s fail!


3 thoughts on “Fail February 2018!

    I love these posts. Is it schadenfreude disguised as “but you learn more from your mistakes”? MAYBE. It’s one of those times I wish I had a blog so I could join in.

    Liked by 1 person

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