Fail February

Fail February: Your Fails!

Alas, our first official Fail February has come to an end. What a great month to get those pesky projects-gone-wrong off our chests and out in the open!


As for me, I normally share my failed projects and go over a closet de-stashing, but I’m currently still in the works of cleaning out my closet, so I shared my failed Moji Pants and Aurora Tank this month.

And so many of YOU have shared your fails so bravely! Thanks to all who came together to share, commiserate, and learn from our fails! Like so many things, in order to get better at sewing, you have to take risks and with that comes failure sometimes. You never learn if you never make mistakes, right?

So without further ado, here are your shared fails!

From the blogosphere:

Emma of Emma and Her Machine shared a “derp” moment where she accidentally sewed a sleeve the wrong way! We’ve all been there… some of us more than once! But this story has a happy ending… she unpicked and re-worked it and now has a lovely Anderson Blouse she can wear with pride!


Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This shared a Toaster Sweater that turned out to be a style she’s not excited about. Sometimes the “it” pattern of the moment just isn’t the one for you!


Remembering..Oz also had a flop with a Toaster Sweater! Her fail was a combination of poor fabric choice and sizing… something I still have problems with to this day.

rememberingozLinda of Nice Dress! Thanks, I Made It! caught a potential fail before it happened and ended up hacking a Vogue and McCall’s pattern to make a fierce top for Jungle January!


Sewing for Cat People reflected on a handful of tops she never wears all due to fitting issues or fabric choice. The Sorbetto is in there and happens to be one of my old failed projects!


Sarah of Your Sew In Style reflected on failing to meet sewing deadlines – I know I’m hard on myself for this!


Kloonpatrone lamented on a set of me-mades that, in hindsight, weren’t her cup of tea. She also shared her struggle with Vogue 9140 and her more recent makes alluded to dementor capes… which I totally consider a win because anything reminiscent of Harry Potter is AWESOME! But dementor-esque clothing isn’t for everyone’s everyday wardrobe. πŸ˜‰


From Instagram:

Emma of Emma and Her Machine was on a roll and shared another fail! She gave us a heads-up on one of the Moneta Dress collar add-ons. Hers came out lumpy and bumpy, but she made a good call to unpick it and now she has a super cute Moneta (plus another she shared, too!).

emmaandhermachineJamie from Mac’s Crafts shared her failed Jamie Jeans on IG and her blog. This fail was all chalked up to fabric choice as she’s had major success with the pattern before!


This shirt by Sewing For Cat People has the best fabric but unfortunately the fit is wrong. What a shame to waste such awesome fabric!


Katryna made this awesome Zadie sweater hack from a soft French Terry but had some issues with seam waviness. I still think it’s totally wearable and what a great idea turning the Zadie Dress into a sweater top!


… but wait! She also shared a Zadie skirt, too! Check out her Zadie fails-turned-wins on her blog, Boots and Cats, here!


Leslie from Stitchin’ In My Kitchen made this cool button-down chambray shirt from Butterick 5526 and although the fit and techniques wee spot-on, she felt like it just didn’t suit her. Isn’t that a bummer when you spend all that time on a project and it turns out not to be your style?


That about rounds it up! If I missed you (or if you failed at sharing yours in time… har har…), hit me up and I’ll add you!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to everyone who were such good sports and braved making their fails public! The group that fails together .. uhh.. stitches together? Sure, let’s go with that!

‘Til next time – keep on failing sewing!



22 thoughts on “Fail February: Your Fails!

    1. Thanks so much for participating… and sharing so many things! I’ve made many Monetas and was contemplating a collared version at some point but now I know to be careful and do some more research before diving in!

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  1. Great post it’s so interesting reading other people’s fails and how we learn from them! Will look forward to reading their blogs. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this (as with Emma – I think ha ha ha!). Let’s continue to embrace our fails and learn from them as well as our successes!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’d say the seam ripper gets the most use in my sewing room, aside from my machine! Sewing has definitely taught me about patience. Thanks for participating! ❀

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  2. It was so nice to find a challenge where I could really show off my skills! Seriously, thank you for featuring me and introducing me to more bloggers!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Woo-hoo! Thanks for sharing! I put you in the Toaster section with Elizabeth. πŸ˜‰ It looks like a not-so-perfect pattern for quite a few people out there!


  3. Loved the round up! I’m upset for the one that had so many cute failed tops. That cat fabric was too cute. Maybe some panels in the side seams might save it? Thanks for a great Fail February. May I always have an item to share. lol

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    1. Thanks! And thanks for sharing your Jamies, Jamie! (I couldn’t help that…)

      Yeah that cat top broke my heart, too! At least it’s still salvageable… even if she can only use a panel of it for something else.

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  4. I saw this post, totally had a creaftyFail! long Easter weekend. I’ve frogged a new knitting project 3 times in 24 hours, I actually FAILED to make the Grainline Hemlock (I sewed the armholes shut, and ended up with a nice tube! and then I’m obviously at the high end of the fit since the knit isn’t *qutie* as stretchy as that might need to be, so it’s a bit “blocky” on. And I don’t seem to have printed out the collar…). Then cut short a Marianne Dress (which has worked well, looks good, nice length) for a Marianne Top for Autumn (down here in Aus) and tried to put on sleeves, which are just not working. But hey, I seem to have remembered how to put on a knit neck binding, so that’s a plus. (OKOK took going to the Marianne Dress sew-along, and watching a youtube video to remember…)
    Also, have been reading for a while and love your projects. Finally thought to comment πŸ™‚ (Also, loved the undercut you were rocking last Summer :D)

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    1. Oh wow, that sounds like a really rough weekend! Hopefully you’ll have better luck soon. I guess Fail February can go through the whole year, right? πŸ˜‰ It’s such a bummer when you have those rough projects! Keep your chin up and maybe have a “palate cleansing” project to get your sew-jo back on track. Good luck!!

      And thanks for commenting and reading! Ah, the undercut… I will be missing it this summer when I’m sweating my booty off but it’s time to let it grow again… just so I can cut it again… and so on and so forth! πŸ™‚


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