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Plaid Jedediah Ugly Pants That Are a Fail and a Hit!

The last two projects I made for my husband, DD, didn’t come out as planned (here and here). The fit was way off and I was very disappointed in myself. I thought switching to a different pattern company may help, especially one that focuses on menswear. So I turned to Thread Theory for his next gift… the Jedediah Pants!


Now before you send me to an institution for making him something in this not-so-fashionable plaid fabric, let me explain. When DD was in graduate school, he and his friends and nephews wanted to be Braveheart characters for Halloween. They bought a whole roll of this fabric at a home decor fabric store for super cheap. His sister (who is also awesomely crafty) made them all matching kilts from it. Here’s a pic!


Fast forward to a couple of years ago when she gave me the rest of the bolt to do as I pleased. (Thanks, SL!)

I figured I could use it for muslin fabric, but DD wanted me to make him pants. I warned him that they would be kinda weird looking, but he knew what he wanted. I paired it with the Jedediah pattern and I thought if the pattern didn’t work out too well, then it wouldn’t be much of a loss since I have a ton more of this fabric.


Turns out the Jedediahs aren’t too bad! I took his measurements and he was in between sizes, so I cut the smaller size and figured I could sew it with a smaller seam allowance. I did and everything turned out great except… the waist was too small! (I blame our late fall/early winter eating-out binge on that and we have since gotten on the right path and are now eating home-cooked meals packed with veggies!)

Anyway, I definitely needed to move the button over to give him more room since he was wearing them unbuttoned with a belt, which I was nervous about when he wore them in public!


It’s wayyy over there and as you may see, I had a little trouble with the fly front installation. The zipper peeks out a bit but I’m hoping no one will be looking at DD’s crotch that closely to notice. #fail


I didn’t have to spend any extra money (except for more thread) for this project, which is great! I used a button and zipper from a pair of DD’s old blown-out work pants.


I didn’t bother trying to match the plaid on the back pockets. It would have been way too much work!

Getting “creative” with poses


Hmmm looks like I also didn’t bother to match the yoke pieces, either. Whatever! The plaid matches across the front and I think that’s plenty good enough. πŸ™‚


I used a red quilting cotton from my stash for the pockets. It was seriously the only thing that looked somewhat decent with this fabric. DD has a good time showing people his crazy red pockets, though.


So far these Jedediahs made it out to our Home Brew Club’s Christmas party and one day at work. DD was so excited about his plaid pants that he pronounced one Friday “Plaid Friday” in the office for management. Only he and I showed up in plaid that day (I wore my plaid flannel Granville), but the supervisors were freaking out over his pants and one even wished everyone a “Happy Plaid Friday” over the intercom. Needless to say, next time DD calls for a Plaid Friday, more people will participate, LOL!

And even though these are ugly, I’m itching to make myself a matching pair with the True Bias Lander Pants pattern. I think the retro cut will do this fabric major justice.

So I filed this under “Fail February” because they aren’t perfect and they’re a little out there, but overall they’re not a complete fail and now I know to size up for the next and more normal pair of Jedediahs!

Have you made anything wacky for your significant other? I’ll always remember Jamie’s Christmas Cat Shirt she made for her husband – go check it out, lol!



13 thoughts on “Plaid Jedediah Ugly Pants That Are a Fail and a Hit!

  1. I actually like the crazy plaid. For plaid pants, I think the uglier the better! It does sort of remind me of the old golfers outfits. You could totally do a Caddyshack style Halloween with these bad boys! I really commend you on making pants for DD. You got some major sewing cojones! They turned out so great! Thanks for the shoutout! Hubby’s shirt still gets so many compliments! He loves it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks! At first I thought they were too hipster, but now I see the golf inspiration, lol! He just needs one of those Newsies caps to complete the outfit. I don’t think I’ll be making one of those. πŸ˜‰

      I love how our spouses are into weird clothes that we make for them!

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  2. They’re definitely out there, but they’re kind of cool in their own respect. Maybe because I’m a Doctor Who fan, but I love the idea of plaid pants. Peter Capaldi’s Doctor especially has had some really edgy looking combinations with crazy plaids. Husband poses are hilarious–mine is a secret ham too!

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    1. When we were in Japan, DD pointed out every single pair of plaid pants he found others wearing. I guess it will be in style soon enough, haha! I’m glad he enjoys his pants – I want to make him a navy pair but I think he’ll be bummed by how boring they are. πŸ˜‰


    1. I haven’t seen ones like those before! Thanks for the info!! He’s hoping to lose some width around his belly to fit into them normally, so we’ll see how that goes πŸ˜‰



    First off, that damn cat shirt is FANTASTIC. OMG, I cannot believe that fabric exists and that I do not have any. I am now overcome by an urge to make novelty Xmas shirts for me and hubs this year!

    As for these pants, I saw your IG post and was like, “Why are these in Fail February?!? They’re sweet!” but I see what you mean about the fit and, er, taste level. πŸ˜‰ I love that his sister bought an entire bolt of this fabric, and that it ended up with you. Those costumes were pretty great! Personally, I would love a pair of ugly plaid pants, LOL! (True story: I typed that sentence, and went to my stash spreadsheet because I swore I had plaid pants-weight fabric and…yup. This is happening.) I am glad that your hubs wears these and is starting another office fashion theme–just make him promise not to combine Hawaiian Shirt Day with Plaid Day, okay? πŸ˜‰

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    1. Isn’t the cat shirt awesome?! Bonus points for husbands who are willing to wear novelty prints and can wear them with pride! ❀

      Truth is I don't really have anything for FF this year, which I guess is both bad and good. I figure these pants are close enough and I've had a more recent fabric mishap that's more funny than anything that I'll share once I get pictures. But the fail is more in the fly execution but at least it's still usable.

      You need to make your plaid pants!! We can dub 2018 as the year of the plaid pants in the sewing community. It would definitely make the world a better place. πŸ˜‰

      LOL @ Hawaiian shirt day and plaid pants day together! I think one of us mentioned it before but the other put the kabash on that pretty quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Oh, we’re already thinking about the holiday cards – and maybe getting the cats involved, too! Matching bow ties to our pants,perhaps? LOL


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