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Moon Prism Power! Sailor Moon-Inspired Ginger Jean Shorts

Other than The Little Mermaid, another obsession I had growing up was anime. And like many teens in the late ’90’s, I fell in love with everyone’s favorite Pretty Soldier – Sailor Moon!


I’ve been wanting to translate my love of anime into sewing (Totoro applique on a skirt? Embroidered Ranma 1/2 shirt?), and I finally took the plunge with the Closet Case Patterns Mid-Rise Ginger Jeans.


Luna crop top from Hot Topic

If you read my last Ginger Jeans post, you would have seen that I tried making them Sailor Moon-inspired, but I went overboard with the back pockets and it didn’t go with my vision anymore. So I decided to try incorporating the very stylized pockets with hand embroidery on these shorts!


I traced a size 10 from the mid-rise stovepipe legs pattern and left the legs at 8 inches long for shorts. I wasn’t sure how long I wanted them to be, so I gave myself plenty of wiggle room. (I actually ended up chopping off about half that length in the end!) The other changes I made were to add a 1 inch full butt adjustment, bring the crotch seam in just a smidgen more, taper in the top of the yoke pieces another 1/4″ at the center back, and keep the curved yoke and waistband pieces I used last time. The adjustments were great but those leg pieces need to be wider to accommodate those thighs!


I made sure all the sailor senshi were represented with hand-embroidered planet signs from Mercury through Pluto


I had a lot of fun making these even though I had to switch out between 3 different threads the whole way. I love the way the 2 different top-stitching colors look together. The yellow is top-stitching thread and the pink is normal polyester thread but I sewed a double stitch to make the pink stand out more.

I am pretty stoked with how these shorts came out, but I am even more excited about the insides…


Hello Kitty pocket stays!! It would have been perfect to have Sailor Moon fabric, but I haven’t found any yet (except on Spoonflower). My sewing guru, Dana, actually gave me her scraps of this fabric when she made me Hello Kitty-themed sewing supplies for Christmas one year. I am so happy I had enough HK fabric for these shorts!

Another thing to mention is I ran into a little SNAFU while making these. I was ready for the zip fly install and thought I had a jeans zipper in my stash. Well, I didn’t! Luckily, DD gives me all of his worn-out clothes to harvest buttons, zippers, and fabric so I ripped apart one of his old pants to use the zipper. Thank goodness it was the perfect length for my shorts!


I’ve worn the heck out of these shorts already and am happy to report that they get more comfortable with each washing and wear. That’s the joy of Cone Mills Denim! I used 11.5 oz. CM S-gene denim in indigo from Threadbare Fabrics for these shorts. They’re nice and thick but not too thick. I’m enjoying wearing these with looser tops to balance out the tight proportion on the bottom.

I won’t be going out in public in my Sailor Moon crop top with these shorts, though. I’m not that brave and it was for this post only! The crop top is super cute and comfortable (it’s got rayon in it) and it goes great with my chiffon Zinnia Skirt!


I had some fun accessorizing this outfit – I wore my dangly moon earrings I bought in Japan last year and my crescent moon and stars necklace I got in New Orleans a couple of years ago.


I forgot during the photo shoot but I also have a Sailor Jupiter-inspired bracelet! My BFF gave it to me for my birthday a couple of years ago since I am a Sailor Jupiter fan. She got herself a matching blue “Sailor Mercury” one!


Moon buddies forever!

So let’s discuss – Have you made any fandom tribute clothing? How about hacking the Ginger Jeans pattern into shorts? Share in the comments as I would love to get more inspiration!

Until next time… behave yourselves or else “in the name of the moon, I will punish you!”



17 thoughts on “Moon Prism Power! Sailor Moon-Inspired Ginger Jean Shorts

    1. Thanks so much! I trimmed off a bit of the leg seam right where it meets the front crotch… so on the pattern, it’s just a small sliver/triangle taken from the upper inner leg. I hope that makes sense!!


  1. You’re amazing! And I would wear these in a heartbeat… I can make simple things but nothing like this, lovely job! ❤


    1. Thank you! You might be happy to know that making jeans or jean shorts is just like making simple things, but way more steps. If you can sew in a straight line or a curve, then you can sew anything. 😉 It just takes a little more patience to see the end result. ❤


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