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Grainline Maritime Shorts

Just like jeans and trousers, finding shorts that actually fit me in retail stores is a challenge. I blame dat booty (not to mention the fashion industry for thinking most women don’t have curves).

After the success of my Ginger Jean Shorts, I was ready to expand my closet with more well-fitting shorts. Although I love wearing jeans as much as I can, sometimes you need to change it up with a different fabric. Here’s where Grainline Studio’s Maritime Shorts come in.


I know I’m one of the last people on earth to make this pattern, but I’m slow to catch up with the sewing world, OK?


When I went to Japan last year, I bought a meter or two of this linen blend fabric in Nippori. I bought it specifically for making the Maritime Shorts and am happy to report that it’s a good match.


I would love to say that making these was a breeze, but that’s only a half truth. Everything came together well until I got to the zip fly. Turns out I spazzed out and sewed the fly shield to the wrong side! You’d think after making the Ginger Jeans three times that I would have gotten the hang of a zip fly by now.


I also struggled with the fit on these. Most sewing patterns for pants/shorts aren’t made for people with that much booty. The Maritimes are no different. I had to make some modifications for it to even sit right on my frame. You can tell it’s not perfect by how the waistband side seam doesn’t come close to lining up with the shorts side seam. Sigh.



  • I made a size 12 but think I should try a 10 next time as the waistband can be more snug.
  • 1 inch full butt adjustment
  • Scooped out 1/2 inch from the whole crotch curve
  • Took in 1 1/2 inches at the top center back and graded to normal seam allowance at the butt
  • Took in 1 inch at the top center of waistband to make it more curved

It was a lot to tweak and although these modifications made them wearable, they’re not perfect. I find the shorts want to ride up as I wear them, probably because the waistband is too loose and the fabric is somewhat stiff.


Let’s take a closer look:


I “borrowed” a zipper and button from one of DD’s old worn-out work pants. I have a whole pile from which to harvest zippers and buttons and am so happy I don’t have to run to the store to get those odds and ends!


I wish I would have made the pocket bags inside-out so the right side is visible as I put my shorts on. C’est la vie.

Also, you’ll notice that I ran out of the bright blue cotton fabric for the waistband. I honestly don’t know what happened as I cut everything as I was supposed to (I think) yet I ran out of lining material for the waistband! I had to create a “make it work” moment and grabbed the only other blue cotton I had in my scrap pile. At least it’s on the inside and no one but me will see it. 😉

Although these are far from perfect, they fit a little better than a pair of linen shorts I bought from Anthropologie a couple of years ago… on sale, of course!

I don’t think this is my last tango with the Maritime Shorts but I think I better start focusing on fall/winter sewing soon, even though our fall/winter doesn’t really start until mayyybe November!


Have you made the Maritime Shorts? If so, how did it go? Do you have any recommendations for shorts patterns for those of us who are “blessed” in the badunk?


16 thoughts on “Grainline Maritime Shorts

    1. Thank you!! I wish I could donate some badunk! I guess the no-butt adjustment would be taking a horizontal wedge out of the back of the shorts, hinging at the middle butt seam? That’s my guess since it’s the opposite for the full butt adjustment. 😉


  1. Love the fabric! I’ve made these twice (once with pattern adjustments and once with none). The waistband was too short both times, so I think it’s the pattern, not you.

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