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The Day and Night Dress Challenge – Announcement

Well, it’s officially been announced today! Elizabeth of Elizabeth Made This is hosting the Day and Night Dress Challenge, and I’ll be a part of the blog tour in January!


You can read more about the details of the challenge here, but basically we’re inviting anyone and everyone to participate with us. The rules are simple: you must make one dress for day wear and one “little black dress” for night wear. The patterns and fabrics can be anything you want (I’m taking creative liberty on “little black dress,” FYI!) so these will end up being great wardrobe staples that reflect your own personal style.

Elizabeth outdid herself and got a great lineup of sponsors for prizes! She also did a great job of corralling us bloggers to make sure there’s all different aesthetics and personalities involved. To see who else is on this tour with me, check out the lineup here.

The bloggers will be posting our own dresses from January 8-14 and you can submit your entries from January 8-27. Voting will happen on the 28th. What a great way to start off the new year!

Major thanks to Elizabeth for reaching out to me for this challenge. This is my first one ever and I’m SEW EXCITED!

So what do you say? Are you with me?! Let’s get dressy up in here!


14 thoughts on “The Day and Night Dress Challenge – Announcement

    1. Haha me, too! I’m finding I’m needing some dressier clothes now that my husband and I won season tickets to some off-Broadway productions. I’m happy this will work toward that!

      P.S. The mental image I got from eye-eating frosting is both terrifying and hilarious.


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