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Throwback Thursday: My First Knit Dress

Hello, lovely readers and happy Thursday! This is going to be my last TBT post for a while (or ever?) since the only other “old” things I have left to post about are some leggings, pajama bottoms (yawn), and a dress I still need to tweak for an upcoming vacation… unless I find something hiding in my closet I forgot about.

Anyhoo, on with this week’s project! I used Butterick 5781 a few times, but I tried the pattern out for the first time around January 2012. I totally strayed from the suggested fabric and went straight for a cute gray knit fabric with small pink flowers from SAS.

20130322_174208These pictures are pretty bad/blurry as you can see, but you get the idea. I made my suggested size in the pattern (8 or 10, maybe?) but could have gone smaller since it’s a knit fabric. That’s why you see me wearing a belt here, otherwise I look a little poofy around the middle.

20130322_174212Oh, and it has pockets! I know there are some people out there who hate putting knit pockets in a knit dress because it’s very stretchy and unstable, but this works just fine for me. Any dress that has pockets is always a good dress to me!

IMG_5303Ah, better pictures, here we go! I absolutely love the fabric, but sadly it’s cheap and is crazy pilled and faded after just a few wears. Also, the pleats in this fabric make it kind of bulky. I think a gathered waistband would have been better, but back then I wasn’t at the level where I was cool with tweaking and Franken-patterning my makes.

IMG_5304This was also the first time I installed an invisible zipper into a garment. It came out decent for my first try, but you really don’t need a zipper in a knit dress! I don’t even bother using the zipper anymore because I can just throw this dress on over my head since it stretches.IMG_5305This is a close-up of the waistband at the zipper. I’m proud that the zipper is completely invisible, but WHOAH check out that waistline matching. Womp womp. I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten much better at matching my seams since! You can also see just how terrible this fabric looks up close. Why must it be so cute yet so cheap!? *Shakes fist*

IMG_5306I used store-bought bias tape for the neck and arm holes and it works pretty well. I use self-made bias tape out of knit fabric now and find it works way better for my knit dresses and tops.

I’m sad to say this will be one of my projects that will either end up getting donated or cannibalized to salvage the zipper for another project. I love, love, love this fabric but I feel dumpy wearing this dress now that it’s practically falling apart (or fading out of existence, perhaps?). Plus I’ve made other knit dresses since in fabrics that are holding up better, so it’s not like this is my only one! 🙂

So tell me, have you made something that you loved but ended up being disappointed by how terribly the fabric held up?

Also, I’m curious – what did you think about my Throwback Thursday posts? They were a trip down memory lane for me and I realize just how much I’ve learned about fabric and fitting since the start of my sewing. I can’t wait to see how much more I’ll learn and grow from here on out!


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