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Throwback Thursday: LSU Fleur de Lis Quilt

This TBT post features some unselfish sewing for the main man in my life, DD. Back in November 2012, his birthday was quickly approaching and I just had to make him something other than PJ pants!

IMG_0858Behold, the wonderfully tacky LSU Fleur de Lis quilt wall-hangy thing!

DD is a Louisiana State University alum. The school colors are purple and gold and Louisiana has this thing for Fleur de Lis (yay France!). Our computer room is half covered in LSU stuff anyway (his half, of course) so this was fitting.

IMG_0859The Fleur de Lis is slightly larger than my whole hand, so that gives you some perspective of how big this is. I trolled Google images to find a Fleur de Lis I liked and since this one is all swirly and girly, I of course chose it! I either traced it off the screen or free-handed it onto Pellon Wonder Under to use for an applique.

Delicious blanket stitch
Delicious blanket stitch

I really had no idea what I was doing when I started this project as I’m not a quilter at all. I just started by making a quick sketch of how I kind of wanted it to look and began with the Fleur and created the shapes around it.

The fabrics are quilting cottons from Joann’s and Hancock Fabrics. That super awesome deep purple with gold pretty things is a M’Liss cotton from Hancock. She has some absolutely beautiful prints!

This project has quilting batting inside with a plain purple cotton backing. I stitched-in-the-ditch around one of the rectangles closest to the Fleur and after lots of pressing, it doesn’t look too wrinkly hanging up.

IMG_0862So there you have it! This would make a great gift for a guy, girl, kid… anyone! You can change the silhouette in the middle (umm Little Mermaid quilt for me, maybe?) to suit your recipient. And DD is just about the manliest man around and he thinks this is pretty flipping sweet.

If YOU think this is pretty flipping sweet, too, then stay tuned! I’m in the works with a project similar to this and will post step-by-step instructions in a week or two… as well as where I completely messed up and will advise you NOT to do the same.

Are you in?! Let’s make something fun for someone awesome! Tell me what image and color scheme you would choose if you were to dip into this project!


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