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Me-Made-May 2018 Reflections

This was my fourth year participating in Me-Made-May and I feel like it gets easier every year. I’m happy to report yet again that I kept my pledge of wearing at least 1 (sometimes 2!) me-made items every day for May. Outside of MMMay, I usually wear me-mades everyday without thinking. That means I’ve been making pieces that I feel “myself” in and I’m filling in those wardrobe gaps I’ve had for some time.

Here’s how the month looked:

You can check out each week by clicking the links below:

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Weeks 4 and 5

Pattern Companies: This month, in order from most-worn to least, I wore: Grainline Studio (12 times!), True Bias (7), Closet Case (7), Colette & Seamwork (6), Sewaholic (4.5 – counting those Cambie bottoms, including Frankenpattern, as 1/2s), Helen’s Closet (3 photographed but definitely worn way more since I wear the Blackwood Cardigan a ton at work), Butterick (1.5 – .5 for Frankenpattern), and once each for McCalls, Simplicity, In the Folds, and Patterns for Pirates

It’s obvious that I love the Indie pattern companies the most! And Grainline always wins for the best basics, hands down. 🙂

Challenges: I don’t think I really had any challenges this year, which is a good thing! This means that I’ve made pieces I reach for consistently and don’t need to think twice about.

Repeats: Only 12 pieces were repeated from last MMMay. Most of the pieces I wore were made within the past year – some were even made during May and haven’t been blogged yet! I should really get on that…

Photos: As usual, it wasn’t difficult getting DD to help me take photos. Some did come out blurry or too dark so I had to get creative with Instagram filters. Maybe I can work on upping my photo game next year by making them more dynamic.

Favorite: Hmmm there are so many pieces that I just love!

I am definitely a fan of the Lander Pants and Shorts and wearing the plaid pants always brightens my spirits because they are just so ridiculous!

It’s obvious that I reach for my Lark Tees a lot which makes sense because I found that to be the best t-shirt pattern for me. I’m glad I busted out so many last year.

I tried a different style (for me) by tying button-down shirts at the waist over a dress and with a high-waisted skirt. I like the silhouette it gives and the shirt over a dress is a nice change from the cardigans I’m always wearing at the office – although I absolutely adore my Blackwood Cardigans!

Goals: I tried to wear more than one me-made piece at a time and I managed to do that  for 19 days.

I was hoping this MMMay would allow me to reflect on my wardrobe and see what pieces don’t work for me that I can cull from the closet. Unfortunately, my Gertie Butterick Top will have to go to a new home. Don’t get me wrong – it’s super flattering and I love the style, but I just don’t feel comfortable in it. Maybe it’s the stiffness of the fabric or the low neckline. Maybe I’m just getting more conservative in my old age 😉

Final Thoughts: Like always, I had fun with MMMay this year. I do feel, though, that last year was more dynamic. I was able to wear a wider range of clothes, mostly because I took a trip to chilly Denver and we had a small cold snap in Tucson. I was disappointed with May in Tucson this year as it’s been hotter than normal (please pray for rain for us!!). Since it was super hot, I mostly stuck to my tees on my downtime. I also got sick the last week, so my energy level was sorely depleted and I just grabbed whatever was easy.

I feel like the end of May came too soon as there were so many more clothes I wanted to wear and share! But I definitely felt the sew-jo returning as I made numerous new pieces throughout the month, some which made it to my photos and others which are waiting patiently in line for me to photograph for blogging.

I hope you enjoyed following along as much as I have! We’ll see what next year brings. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2018 Reflections

    1. Thanks, Linda! I always learn something every MMMay, so I’m very grateful to be able to be a part of it. If that’s your jam, Grainline patterns are great for casual wear!

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