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Gertie + Gertie = Fabulous Vintage Top!

I have made the ultimate Gertie item… Butterick pattern 6217 with a Gertie cotton sateen fabric! Things are getting crazy over here!


I could have copied Gertie exactly in her post here and used my Gertie rayon fabric for this blouse. BUT I like to think I’m more creative than that, so I went with her other black and white fabric to make almost the same shirt, haha! Believe it or not, Amy from That’s Sew Amy made this top in a black and white fabric, too! Granted, both Gertie and Amy made their shirts before I did, but I swear I had this fabric in mind already. I guess brilliant minds do think alike. 🙂


I was immediately smitten with this pattern when it first came out, but didn’t buy it right away since I had so many other patterns I had yet to cut into. Then my beloved Hancock Fabrics went out of business and I couldn’t resist stocking up on patterns when they were selling them for 75 cents each. 75 cents! So, this little beauty came home with me.


This top makes me feel fabulous so excuse my attempts at looking like a retro pin-up girl.

At first I was hesitant to start this project because it looked like it could get complicated. That is not the case at all! I was surprised at how easy this was to sew and how quickly I sewed it!


My favorite design features are the unique neckline and the tulip sleeves. So different, so feminine!


The tulip sleeves were easy to create and install as there’s no easing into the cap sleeve since the pieces wrap over each other. I also love the freedom of movement these give my arms! Check out that range of motion!

According to my measurements, I sewed a size 6 on top, grading to a 12 at the bottom. I added my usual 1 inch to the length and it was just about perfect!


However, those armscyes are drafted insanely tight! Thanks to Amy (as mentioned above) for pointing this out. The fabric went right up into my armpit which would have been very uncomfortable if left as is. I cut off 3/4 inch off the bottom of the armscye and tried to add as much seam allowance back into the tulip sleeves as possible. It worked out beautifully! So now I know exactly what tweaks to make before cutting into my next Butterick 6217.IMG_8848

The insides don’t look too bad, either. There is a crazy-shaped facing for the neckline and button band that is not too difficult to attach. In the front, you can see side bust darts and fish-eye darts near the tummy.


For the back, there’s 2 fish-eye darts on each side (GREAT for those of us with a swayback curve there) and what confuses me is the center seam. Amy had removed that center seam by cutting her fabric on the fold after removing the seam allowance, which I thought I might do. But it was my first time making this pattern and I didn’t know if I needed to make adjustments for the back curve. Well, turns out I didn’t need to adjust anything so next time I’ll be cutting the back on the fold!


I was torn between large vintage black buttons or these flowered ones. After asking DD’s opinion, he voted for the flowered ones. I actually bought these 3 years ago, thinking I would use them for my handmade wedding bouquet(s), but I ended up choosing different buttons. I’m glad I held onto these because they give a feminine top an even more feminine touch!


I think I might have to start embracing the retro/vintage look more often. I’m finally starting to see what the big fuss for vintage fashion is about in the sewing world. That’s the beauty of sewing, isn’t it? Getting to try new looks while learning and honing your craft.

I’ll leave you with my “ultimate” pin-up picture… I can’t tell if it’s creepy or cute, LOL!


Have you embraced vintage style or is it still not your cup o’ tea? Why or why not?


24 thoughts on “Gertie + Gertie = Fabulous Vintage Top!

  1. Love to see what you did with the jacks fabric. It’s so cute! Love the red lipstick on you. I’ve been wanting to put a tulip sleeve on tops but never have taken the time to figure it out. It’s so adorable on this. You’re starting to slide into a Gertie fetish. lol

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    1. Thank you! The tulip sleeve was pretty easy but I recommend having a pattern. I tried drafting my own last year and it didn’t work. 😦

      I promise my next few makes are NOT related to Gertie! …. I think…

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  2. You make a great pin-up! 😀 I love your take on this pattern. I didn’t really look twice at it, honestly, but you make it look good! Definitely going to have to think about adding it to my shopping list now. (Is it wrong that when I saw the series of motion photos, I was hoping you were going to do the Macarena to show us how free you were in those sleeves? LOL.)

    I love vintage–it’s what got me into sewing in the first place, even though I’ve taken a more modern turn of late. Vintage style is so much about silhouette and subtle details that make an outfit special. And this is just my opinion of course, but I think vintage feels more special, more complex, and more “elevated” not just because it harkens back to another time, but because of how different it is from today’s much more casual sense of dress/style (for the most part). And also: the hats!!! xD

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    1. LOL thanks! I’ve missed my calling as a pin-up, I guess. :-p

      I think this would look super cute on you! Definitely get the pattern – it’s easy! And hey, you want Macarena, you’ll get it! That is now in my head for the next “demonstration of free arm movement.” You can be my modeling coach. 🙂 DD just snaps random pictures and hopes we’re done quickly, lol.

      Not only is vintage style more “complex” or “elevated,” but I think it really pays attention to a woman’s shape and is flattering. A t-shirt and jeans can be sexy, I guess, but a vintage style dress really brings out the VA VA VOOM!

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  3. Yay patterns for .75! It makes up for the patterns that are…not. 😀 The neckline is such a pretty shape, and the tulip sleeves are so fun. For all of the sleeve variants that I’ve tried, I’ve always had it on my list of to-try, but I haven’t yet. Agent Carter pushed it further ahead in my mind, but I still haven’t got around to it. I’ll keep in mind that they have more freedom of movement. I do tend to stay away from woven sleeves because of that.

    I think vintage has creeped up on me too. I think 60s shapes and ideas are more my cup of tea, but ultimately, I think my style is a bit eclectic. I got into sewing my own clothes thinking I’d never embrace that crazy art teacher look, and here I am years later draping myself in vintage scarves and little embroidered bits.

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    1. I want to put tulip sleeves on everything now! They’re fun and different, for sure.

      LOL hey, those crazy art teachers are on to something. I love checking out random embroidered things on clothes. 😉

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