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Baby’s First Embroidery

My friend’s daughter is celebrating her first birthday this week and I wanted to make something special for the occasion. I didn’t want to get into baby clothes as I’m sure she has plenty and I have no idea how to size a baby. Instead, I turned to my second crafting obsession – hand embroidery.

I made this in one day and it was PERFECT until I trimmed and glued the fabric to the hoop…


… check out those awful glue spots!! I learned the hard way not to let hot glue touch your framed fabric or else you get awful lumps, bumps, and spots! The lumps and bumps are gone because I thought ironing and melting the glue would help… well it did and didn’t. Those spots are permanent!

I was so bummed and turned to DD for advice. He suggested I trim it with lace but I didn’t have anything good in my stash. I dug through my ribbon stash and thought tying bows in this dainty ribbon might work.


I think it did! I covered the glue spots but left it asymmetrical to keep it interesting… and because DD said it looked better asymmetrical. And we all know he’s got a great eye for design

The fabric is recycled from an old work shirt I don’t wear anymore. I love how the purple stripes compliment the girliness of the embroidery. Gosh, I love doing those little roses!!


The hoop is 4 inches big, which I’m finding I like working with the best. I made numerous 4-inch hoops for Christmas presents and still have quite a few left over. I see many more small embroideries in my future!


It’s not perfect but I think it’s one of a kind, just like little Phebe! Yes, she spells her name differently because she’s named after her great-Grandma. She’s a good kid and I hope she enjoys this!

What have you hand-made for a first birthday gift? How did the little one (and their parent/s) like it? 🙂


p.s. I drafted this post before her party and posted after her party – I’m happy to report everyone loved it and it will go well with the new nursery her Grandma is designing for her!

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