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Fun Owl Craft Apron

A couple of years ago, my brother and sister-in-law gave me the book One Yard Wonders for my birthday. It’s pretty awesome, especially if you’re like me and always have decent-sized scraps leftover from projects.

A1VB2AFPGALThis book is great because it’s got something for everyone – stuff for the house, pets, kids, crafts, etc. And by the way, I’m not getting paid to review this or anything (I wish). Just passing along some good info. 😉

Last year, my friend who is a teacher mentioned she needed something like a craft apron and I remembered this book has just that! So I had this awesome owl quilting cotton just hanging around and I made it! It took a year, but I finally did it!

Better late than never.

This was crazy easy to make and didn’t take much time… except for the year of procrastinating (actually other projects jumped in line first… these poor owls can’t fight worth a darn).

Bahahaa blurry phone photo so you can’t read how to make it… sorry!

You basically just measure and cut different sizes of rectangles and get-a-going. There are two rows of pockets, the edges are finished with bias tape, and the waist tie is bias tape. I suggest using store-bought bias tape as it’s a bit stronger.


The bottom row of pockets expand out to fit the bulkier things… like notebooks? Or something?

Random sewing room stuff selected for modeling. 

The instructions have you make two loops for garden-type-tools, one on each side. But I chose to do only one as a craft apron would only have scissors.

The loop is actually too big for normal scissors. My bad.

This is a great project for beginners as it’s mostly straight line sewing.

So after a few weeks, I’ve had some pretty good feedback! My friend uses it daily and now other teachers are eyeing it up. Of course she tells them it’ll take a year… haha. Ha. Priorities, people! Selfish sewing comes first, hence SELFISH sewing. 🙂

Check out her swag:

With it's rightful owner
With its rightful owner

Hurrah, another happy customer! Glad you’re enjoying it…. and that it hasn’t disintegrated or fallen apart yet (a fear of mine when I sew for others!).

So tell me, do you mostly make things for yourself or are you a generous person and sew more for other people?


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