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A Khaleesi Clutch

Hello, everyone! I’m just stopping by with a quick post about a quick project – the past few weeks have been a little crazy/busy/sleepy! I do have a few projects photographed and waiting to be blogged, so there’s more excitement heading your way. 😉

Last month I posted about a dress I made for my friends’ wedding back in New Orleans (which was SO BEAUTIFUL AND FUN, btw!). I used a pretty blue brocade and tweaked a Daenerys/Khaleesi costume pattern from Game of Thrones. It held up well except I snagged it on a chair right at the beginning of the reception! Womp womp. After some tugging and smoothing, it looked better. Oh, well – it was really made just for the wedding, anyway!

IMG_5810So as I was planning on what to bring for my trip, I realized I didn’t have a purse that worked well with the dress. My only wedding-appropriate purse has a cross-body strap and I thought that would take away from the design of the dress. A clutch seemed like the best route to go and I had extra fabric, so I added yet another project in the ever-growing sewing queue.

I only had a weekend to make it, so I needed a very basic design. I Googled DIY clutches and this cutie popped up:

Link here!

Super cute and super easy! It only took me a couple of hours from beginning to end, and this is the result:

10393969_10100345236630025_7245996236560529359_nIt’s so pretty! But I think anything made with this fabric would come out gorgeous…

IMG_5922Unfortunately I don’t have any good pictures of my whole ensemble at the wedding, so you’re stuck with these random pictures.

I was lucky and had a vintage metal zipper in my stash that matched perfectly with the fabric.

IMG_5924It was a super long zipper, so I had to carefully cut it down to the 9 inches the clutch called for. I secured the “loose” end with lots of thread so the zipper pull didn’t fly off. 🙂

I wanted to make the inside fun, too, AND bust some of my stash, so I threw in a cute Fleur de Lis quilting cotton for the lining.


I was able to fit quite a few things in there and it held up well with all of the dancing and celebrating at the wedding. The cool thing was when I left it on a table to do some dancing, everyone knew who the clutch belonged to! I got a few compliments on the dress/clutch and was asked if someone made my dress. Of course I was all like, “Yeah, ME!” and then talk of crafting and sewing pursued. Good times.

My week-long visit in New Orleans and the wedding was really great. I got to see lots of family and friends and got to see two awesome people get married! Speaking of awesome, check out their cake and topper:

11694800_10155719994505693_6179255778545566343_nWait, wait, what’s that on top?

11350687_10155719994560693_8589298972320868515_nFLIPPIN’ DRAGONS MAKING A HEART! This is definitely the winner in coolest cake toppers ever!

I have a bajillion more friends getting married this year and although I can’t make it back home to attend them all, I’m happy to say that I booked another flight to New Orleans to attend two more that are within a week of each other! AND it’s all around Thanksgiving, so WOO-HOO! You know there’s gonna be more wedding guest dresses popping up here at Sew RED-y, so prepare yourselves!


4 thoughts on “A Khaleesi Clutch

    1. Thank you! Hmm I can’t remember off the top of my head but I think you’ll be good with 1/2 yard of fabric, including the lining. Maybe 3/4 to play it safe but I just grabbed random scraps and cut the rectangles from that. I think the bow would look really cute in a contrasting fabric, btw. 😉

      And yes, I am still obsessing over that cake topper!


  1. Such a adorable dress! Love the clutch and perfect that it matched your dress. Right touch with the Fleur de Lis for a New Orleans wedding.

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