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Dim Sum and Sashiko Rayon Boot Cut Ginger Jeans

It took a decade, but it looks like skinny jeans are out and boot cut/flare is back in! I resisted the skinny jeans trend for so long until I finally caved and needed something to wear with my knee-high boots. Since then, I’ve been hooked even though it’s not exactly the most flattering of silhouettes… Continue reading Dim Sum and Sashiko Rayon Boot Cut Ginger Jeans

Finished projects · Hand Embroidery

A Sashiko Chambray Scout Tee

Now that I’m getting more and more into hand embroidery, it’s only natural that I dip into sashiko embroidery, given my love of all things Japanese. Earlier this year, I went to a sewing/quilting expo and attended an informational panel about sashiko embroidery. For those who aren’t in the loop, sashiko is defined literally as… Continue reading A Sashiko Chambray Scout Tee