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Lazo Trousers and Another Melilot!

Hey, everyone! I hope y’all are doing well during these weird times. DD and I are hanging in there and enjoying the extra time to cuddle our kitties (who are ecstatic about us being home 24/7, btw).

I have a treat for y’all today… not one, but TWO sewing projects!

Here we have my fourth Deer and Doe Melilot and my first Thread Theory Lazo Trousers. Let’s talk about the trousers first, shall we?

As soon as I saw this pattern when it was released, I was smitten. I mean, how could you not love this?

*swoon* Those buckles! ❤

I wasn’t sure if the style would suit me, but I bought it anyway during one of Thread Theory’s Black Friday sales. I sat on it for a while, then Melissa of Mahlica Designs posted her version and I was sold!

The fabric is a mystery as it was a hand-me-down from my friend who was cleaning out her fabric stash. It’s nice and drapey, but has a slight itchiness factor (maybe a wool blend?). I figured it would be perfect to make a muslin and prayed it would at least be wearable… which thankfully it is!

I made a size 12 with a few adjustments:

  • Sewed the side seams at 3/8″ instead of 5/8″ for more leg room since the fabric has zero stretch.
  • Took in 1/2″ at the waist, grading down to the bottom of the pocket.
  • Hemmed 1/2″ then 3/8″ instead of 3/4″ and 3/4″ as the pattern suggests.

Next time, I think I’ll need to do a full butt adjustment… maybe 1/2″ or so because there’s definitely pulling happening in the badunk area, as shown by the pull lines radiating out from Her Majesty.

Other than the booty, I think the fit is pretty good all-around.

Let’s take a look at the guts now.

Fairly neat… but in every pair of pants with a zipper fly I make, I somehow always have a bit of interfacing peeking out. I swear I cut all the pattern pieces correctly. *Shrugs* At least no one but me will see it.

I used beautiful floral Nani Iro linen scraps left over from my third Scout Tee. Keep those scraps, y’all! They come in handy!

Final thoughts:

Overall, I say my Lazos are just OK. I think the booty fitting issues and the fabric (I think it may not be the best quality) make it a little blah. Or maybe it’s how I styled them? I wonder if adding the over-sized buckles shown on the model will help it out. Or maybe the hems should be cropped more? Is it the color? UGH, I dunno. What do you think? What should I do for a possible second pair?

But, hey, at least they have roomy pockets! ❤

OK, let’s move on to my beloved Melilot!

I. AM. SO. IN LOVE. WITH. THIS. SHIRT. It’s perfect for the office, especially during the sweltering summer. The fabric might be cotton lawn?? It’s super lightweight and breezy. I bought it on my honeymoon trip in Paris in 2014. I finally got around to making it in 2018 before I left for Japan. As usual, I made a straight size 42 and it fits perfectly! I LOVE YOU, DEER AND DOE PATTERNS! ❤

Y’all, I wore the HECK out of this last year when I was teaching in Japan. I’ve also worn it on multiple interviews with my suit. It’s so comfortable and classic, but not too boring.

The pattern on the fabric reminds me of fireworks and my favorite color is purple, so yay! The buttons are from an old Express work shirt I threw out years ago. I still have a good bit of this fabric left over, so I can make another one if and when this one wears out.

I photographed these and another project back in March, and it’s taken me this long to post! Y’all, the struggle is real. Since the covid lockdown, my sew-jo and blog-jo have been STRUGGLING. Well, I guess it’s really life-jo at this point as motivation is super hard to muster these days. But I have been diligently working on other things and have had quite a few art commissions pop up, so I’ve stayed busy enough.

I have some good news to share… I got a new sewing machine! My poor Viking Opal 650 was having such a hard time since the Japan move that my lovely family got me a new Janome 3160 QDC! I’ve been diligently making masks for family and friends and making alterations for my mom in between making a couple of basics for myself. It’s a great little workhorse so far!

Ooh, AND I got a printer for my birthday, too! (It was a good birthday, lol). So now I can print my PDF patterns again! YAY! I’m hoping between the new machine and new printer my old sew-jo will come back. Or maybe the world needs to get right for me to feel right again… amirite?

How are y’all coping with everything? Has your sew-jo (or life-jo) suffered, too? Let’s remember that this is all temporary (gawd, I HOPE so) and better days are coming!

Hang in there! ❤


11 thoughts on “Lazo Trousers and Another Melilot!

  1. ❤ These shirts look too good on you, lady! There is something funky with the pants but maybe you are right about the missing buckles. Those pockets though look so great 🙂


  2. I also think buckles or something are needed at the waistband. I would recommend using tencel for your next pair. It has a just the right amount of drape and has a soft feel.


  3. I think the pants look pretty good – I agree there could be a “feature” at the waist, like buckles, or maybe some narrow belt loops and a skinny belt, framed by the waistband? As for the leg length – maybe try a cuff, or a cinched ankle like the CC Bianca? I feel these are close to greatness! Also I’m deeply invested in seeing this pattern at its best on you because our builds are similar and I want them to work on me. XD


    1. Cuffing the pants is a great idea! I was wondering if the length was “bringing it down,” too. Totally agree on the waistband. I’ll go for some buckles on my next one (that’ll hopefully have a bit more booty room). Thanks for the suggestions!

      Isn’t it great to find sewists with similar builds? I’m also guilty of checking out people with a similar build to me who wear patterns I want to try! I peeked at your blog and I’ll definitely be following because there are so many cute patterns you’ve sewn that I haven’t yet. I’ll consider it “research.” 😉


      1. Oh you’re too kind! And it IS great to find a fit neighbor, even if it makes me feel a bit like Single White Female. 😉 I’m also all aflutter right now because I’ve been enjoying your blog for such a long time (not helping the SWF impression). 😂

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey, just wondering if you ever tried the pants again with buckles or a different fabric. It does seem like something is not ideal with the pants, which is also weird to me since by my eyes, you look like the model! Maybe the pattern is designed for a slightly shorter torso? Your pants seem like they might be sitting a little lower and not showing your waist-to-hip curve like the model’s pants do.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment! I haven’t tried making the pants again, but I do think a drapier fabric might work better. I think buckles would definitely make better, too, since the waistband is pretty wide and I think some more interest is needed there. I’ll have to try it again someday!


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