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My Fourth McCall's 6796

The weather has warmed up to beautiful spring temperatures here in New Orleans, but I have a winter-worthy basic to show you today!

It’s the McCall’s 6796 sweater! I’ve made it 3 times before (1, 2, and 3) so I guess you could say this is my go-to long-sleeved pattern.

This is the first time I sewed the turtleneck option and boy, is it cozy! We had a fairly mild winter this year, so unfortunately I wasn’t able to wear this too often. Maybe next winter…

I made a size M and added 1 inch to the length and sleeves. The fabric is a hand-me-down from my friend, Robyn, who moved to Colorado recently. (Hope you’re having a blast, Robyn!) It’s a medium weight knit that seems pretty resilient to rough washing and drying cycles.

It’s perfect, except for the pulling at my shoulders. Looks like next time I’ll need to make a wide shoulder adjustment.

I guess there’s not much else to say about this piece – it’s pretty straightforward. Next time I’ll show you more spring-appropriate pieces!

Hope you’re all staying safe and healthy! ‘Til next time!


4 thoughts on “My Fourth McCall's 6796

  1. Looks wonderful on you! Turtlenecks are my favorite kind of shirt ❤ Hope everything is well with you and your family in the States, Rachel!


    1. I grew up on N O. It was never cold in winter. It was rainy and windy for a February Mardi Gras. I’d like to make that sweater. Where would I find some sweater knit. Didn’t like Jo Ann’s material. Would have to order by mail.


      1. Yeah we have like one or two days of “cold” weather down here, haha! I’ve ordered sweater knits from before, but they can be hit or miss. I like ordering online from, too… and sometimes people leave reviews of the fabrics which can be helpful!


    2. Thanks, Jayme! Turtlenecks are definitely a must for winters in Japan! Hope you’re staying warm now! Everything is fine so far with us. Just hunkering down, waiting for this thing to blow over. Hope all is well in Nanto. ❤


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