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Free and Cute Peplum Top? Count Me In!

*I drafted this post before my move overseas, so here’s me in Tucson! And slightly late on the summer sewing posts, whoopsie!*

I love free patterns but sometimes the drafting quality leaves a lot to be desired. I can’t blame them, though, because… well, it’s FREE! I was iffy about the Peppermint Peplum Top from In The Folds but saw so many cute versions sewn online that I had to try it for myself.


You might recognize my Lander Shorts from a previous post! The peplum top goes so well with these shorts since it’s a pretty cropped top and the Landers provide a good amount of coverage.


I took in quite a bit from the side seams since this top would have looked like I was wearing a tent. A cute tent, but a tent, nonetheless. I used either the size C or D, but can’t for the life of me remember which one. I love how well it fits in the chest and shoulders, though!img_3274-941540172.jpg

My favorite part of this top is the v-back. It provides ventilation on those sweltering days and also lends itself to creating weird tan lines.


Check out that bra coverage!


I can’t handle how adorable this top is!

The fabric is a cheap-o cotton I bought from SAS Fabrics in Tucson. It works well enough but if you get close enough, you can tell the quality isn’t quite there. That’s OK though, as I used it to muslin this pattern. Now that I know I like it, I can cut into more expensive fabric.img_3272395489829.jpg

I didn’t have a whole lot of this fabric, so the pieces for the peplum ended up being cut shorter length-wise than the pattern intended. I think you pretty much need a 60-inch wide piece of fabric to fit the whole peplum pieces.img_3264-1965124223.jpg

Other than taking the peplum top in on the sides, next time I’ll add an inch or two to the length since it’s juuuust short enough to make me feel slightly uncomfortable/babydoll-esque. I’m also considering just getting rid of the peplum altogether and lengthening the bodice to make it into a regular woven tank top. One could also lengthen the peplum and create a super cute sundress (with pockets, of course!). So many possibilities with just one, FREE, pattern!

Have you made the Peppermint Peplum Top yet? Are there any to-die-for free patterns you’d like to share?



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