Huge Changes Ahead!

Hello sewing friends!

Boy do I have some news to share… I’m moving! To Japan! What?! YES!!

I’ve been slacking more than usual on the blog this year because I have been crazy busy trying to bust out as much overtime as possible at work and preparing for my new life. Not to mention we got rid of internet at home a few months ago because our provider was awful and, hey, may as well save a few bucks. πŸ˜‰

So what’s going on? Why Japan? WHAT?!

DD and I have been thinking of the next adventure in our life. He approached me early last year with the idea of starting a craft beer brewery. He’s been home brewing for a while now which got me interested in it because, well, beer is AWESOME. The craft beer scene in the U.S. is going crazy and Tucson alone has over 20 breweries, with new ones popping up every few months. And they ALL are doing well! So why Japan? Long story short, Japan’s a little behind the U.S. as far as the craft beer scene goes so it’s a great market to get into now before the boom.

So how are we getting there? I spoke about my participation in the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program 10 years ago in this post. It was such a great experience with so much support that I’m doing it again! This time, I’ll be on the mainland instead of teeny tiny Sado Island.

The plan is to teach for a couple/few years while DD gets the brewery up and going. We were scouting out potential cities in January and fell in love with Niigata, but we’ll be closer to Kanazawa, Takaoka, and Toyama this time and all three look promising, too! So who knows where we’ll end up right now.

What’s going to happen with Sew RED-y? Well, I definitely plan on still being a part of the online sewing community. My posts may be fewer and farther between, but hopefully with different content than just “LOOKIT WHAT I MADE!”

For the past 2 years, I’ve been blogging for Cali Fabrics and unfortunately had to pull the plug on that since life will be hectic and I’ll be across the Pacific. It killed me a little inside since I absolutely loved working with Ron and the Cali and Co. Blog Squad. I am super grateful for my time and experience blogging for them and for all of the awesome fabric!

I’m also heartbroken that I won’t be able to be a part of my Sit and Sew group, either! 😦 For the past 7 years, we met on Fridays to chit chat, sew, snack, and goof around. My Sit and Sew group has been such a big part of my life here in Tucson and it definitely helped me grow as a sewist and blogger. So much, MUCH thanks to my sewing sisters Dana, Sonya, Shirley, Rose, and Diana for the support and inspiration these past 7 years. And the biggest thanks of all goes to Dana for it being her brainchild and making Sit and Sew what it is today! I love you ladies. ❀

Christmas Party 2017!

And to all of my readers, thank you for all of the support over the past 4 years. I look forward to this new adventure and am excited to take y’all along for the [virtual] ride!


P.S. There will be some radio silence on Sew RED-y while I’m settling into my new home and figuring out how to get Internet in my apartment. I’ll be back soooooon! πŸ˜‰

21 thoughts on “Huge Changes Ahead!

  1. OMG!! How exciting for both of you! On one hand, I’m sad you’ll be so far away (despite having never met you IRL and already living across the country from you πŸ˜‰ ) but so happy for you and DD and your new opportunities in a place you love. Glad you’ll still be sewing, and I’m excited to see how your new home and life influence your projects. Best wishes as you embark on this adventure together!!


    1. Thanks, Mads! Haha I feel the same way… I’ll be so far from everything I’m mostly familiar with but thank goodness for the Internet and online sewing community! I feel like keeping up with Sew RED-y will play a big part in combating the homesickness I’m sure I’ll be feeling. β™‘β™‘

      I’m also curious how my sewing will change, and not just by getting slower since I’ll have no room for new clothes! πŸ˜‰

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  2. Oh my god!!!!!
    I’m so excited for you! How about the kittens? Are they ready for this crazy move? My had a hell of a time just moving across country but you’re changing continents!
    I hope everything goes smoothly!


    1. Thanks, Jamie! Unfortunately the boys will be hanging with their grandparents for a while until we find a place that’s pet friendly. Ugh, it’s killing me leaving them but I know they’ll be super happy (and spoiled) in the meantime.

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  3. Exciting time ahead, indeed! Good luck with all the details of the move. I hope it all goes smoothly for you. Your readers look forward to all the pictures of your new neighborhood and fabulous Japanese fabric markets!


    1. Thank you! I’m excited to give y’all something a little different. I’ll be living in the countryside for a while but if I find any good fabric markets, I’ll make sure to document!


  4. Wow exciting! I meant to comment on your last Japan post with the Fennec fox and hedgehogs saying that I really really want to go on a trip there with my husband and daughter ;o)


  5. OH WOW! Congratulations! I’ve been going to a lot of weddings lately and secretly snickering with my mom about the word “adventure” (‘Congratulations on your new adventure!’ ‘The adventure begins!’…this is about to be relevant, I swear), but 1. An international move? 2. A new business?! That is a one-two punch of TRUE ADVENTURE!!!

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