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Sailor Moon and Totoro Hand Embroidery

My love for hand embroidery and Japan have been well-documented on Sew RED-y. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve combined the two to make anime-inspired embroideries!

Every [cool] girl that grew up in the ’90s is familiar with Sailor Moon. Who wouldn’t love the idea of your average high school girl actually being a superhero and Moon Princess behind the scenes?

I had the random idea of doing all of the inner senshi with flower crowns and absolutely adore how they came out!20180526_101727The first one I made was of course Sailor Moon herself. I used a worn old work shirt for the fabric, sashiko thread for the face, and regular cotton embroidery thread for the flowers and earrings.20180526_101747

The second senshi had to be Sailor Jupiter – my favorite! I kind of relate to her a bit more than the others. I’m usually the tall one and may have threatened to kick people’s butts a couple of times… but I don’t share the same love of cooking, though…20180526_101754

Next is Sailor Mercury, Ms. Smarty-Pants… kidding, I love her, too!20180526_101800

And of course, Sailor Mars, who is probably my second-favorite!20180526_101806

And finally, Sailor Venus. 🙂20180526_101811

I should probably make Luna and Artemis, too…

Anyway, I felt like doing something a little different and jumped into Studio Ghibli. I’ve wanted to embroider Totoro for a long time and finally got around to doing it!


I love the look of the green French knots… one of my favorite stitches to do!

I love how hand embroidery combines my love of drawing and sewing. Anyone else out there sharing in the hand embroidery love? What would you make?


17 thoughts on “Sailor Moon and Totoro Hand Embroidery

  1. I love the flower crowns, and the light sashiko thread on a dark ground feels so fresh. I haven’t delved into free-form hand embroidery yet, but am currently enjoying a floral counted cross-stitch project for an art swap with a friend. I looks forward to eventually learning how to do 3D flowers!

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  2. Love these. My daughter is obsessed with totoro. Where did you get the image from or did you make it up ? She would love to make something like this☺️

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  3. These are so sweet.
    I’m recently working on a linen midi skirt with some embroidery with tambour/luneville technic.
    I’m already thinking about which garment I can embroider next.


  4. They’re amazing. Sailor Jupiter is my favourite too. I also finished an embroidery piece combining my favourite character and city – Winnie the Pooh and London! 😁😁


    1. Thank you! Jupiter is the best, right? 🙂 Your Winnie the Pooh and London piece sounds so cute! Don’t you love how you can customize your projects? ❤


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