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So “Plaid” to Finally Make the Lander Pants!

Soooo remember how I made DD a pair of “ugly” plaid pants? (And by “ugly” I mean AWESOME.)


Well, I figured a couple who plaids together stays together, so I made myself some matching plaid pants from the True Bias Lander Pants pattern!


Isn’t this $#!t crazy??

To make it even crazier, I didn’t even bother to match the plaid. Well, that’s not the whole truth. I at least tried to match it across the front and side seams, but I just stink at matching plaid, OK?


So let’s talk about this pattern! I fell in love with the Lander Pants as soon as I saw them for sale. I have never worn this super-’70’s type of pant before (high waist/straight wide leg), but I totally dig the patch pockets… if you can see them through the jungle of stripes…


I sewed a straight size 12 and I thought I would have to make a ton of adjustments since my booty is a little more voluptuous than average. Well, I was wrong and I am so happy about it! I only needed to take the side seams out at the hips at 3/8 inch and take in the back darts at 1/4 inch each. I also added 1 inch to the length since I’m a bit taller than the 5’5″ lady for whom the pattern is drafted. That’s it!

The button fly was suuuuper easy to sew, too! I’ve only sewn a zipper fly before with the Ginger Jeans and Jedediah Pants. I like how the buttons add a little more interest to an already interesting pair of pants. I used bronze jeans buttons I bought from Amazon and they go with the fabric perfectly!


Oh, look who decided to drop in!



I got a lot of compliments on these at work (for some reason) and a few people recognized the fabric from DD’s plaid Jedediahs. One coworker joked that I’m supposed to make the entire supervisory staff matching pants, lol!

DD only told me, “Your legs look really long.” I’ll take that as a compliment. 😉

I have to say that this random home decor fabric does really well as pants! These pictures were taken after a whole day of wear and they haven’t stretched out at all.


They are also pretty good to move around in, too! I’ve been so used to constricting skinny jeans that it’s nice to change it up with roomy wide-legged pants. The high waist also doesn’t knock the wind out of me when I bend over like my high-waisted Ginger Jeans do so hooray for that!


I’m also digging the back pockets which are huuuge but work so well with my generous badunk. If you can see them…


I used the same red quilting cotton and maroon top-stitching as DD’s Jedediahs. When you’re gonna match your S.O., you go all the way.


I’ve already cut out some navy linen blend fabric for some Lander shorts because I need more Landers in my life NOW.

I’ve seen some Lander love going around the interwebs lately – have you made them yet? If not, I highly recommend them!


17 thoughts on “So “Plaid” to Finally Make the Lander Pants!

  1. This entire post with all its commentary and perfect posing is HILARIOUS! Don’t think my hubby would agree to wear matching “ugly” plaid pants though.🤣


    1. LOL glad you enjoyed it! I was a little loopy after a long day of work, and that’s what happens when run out of posing ideas… things get weird. 😉

      I don’t think many husbands would be into matching ugly plaid pants, hah! Or matching at all… 🙂


  2. I just made this pattern also and it’s so good! Very flattering and clear instructions on the tricky bits. What will be plaid next?


    1. That’s right! I am definitely a Lander fan girl now – it’s such a satisfying sew. It’s way down the queue but the next plaid items will be matching vests to go with our pants. That would make a perfect holiday card photo!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love your plaid pants! I love it even more that you claim to suck at plaid matching, lol! They look really good to me! One day plaids and stripes will be my best friends…


    1. Thank you! Plaid is so hard to match and I thought I was being careful while cutting, but I guess I was either tired or was partaking of some delicious brew at the time. They’re so crazy I don’t think it even matters, lol!


  4. Wow… who’d’a thunk Landers were uniquely suited to plaid? They look fantastic!

    Your orange kitty looks like my dearly departed kitty love. Is he/she a talker? Every orange kitty I’ve known is. You could play kitty mad libs with mine:

    Good Morning, kitty love. Mwow. How are you? Mwooow. You’re looking a little chunky today.
    MROWR! Not to fat-shame a kitty, he just had that fabulous slightly deflated basketball with legs shape that many of them do.


    1. Why thank you!

      I have 2 orange boys from the same litter and they are definitely both talkers! The one that snuck into this post is Tasso and he talks the most! He loves to fill in words when I sing Disney songs to him. Sorry to hear your kitty love is no longer with us, but it looks like y’all have some really good memories! ❤


  5. THESE ARE AMAZINGNESS. Total fabulousness. The dancing videos you put on IG only make them better!! (Your Serious Dancing Face is on point, btw.)

    I have made 2 pairs of these but haven’t blogged them yet–ack!!! Soon. I too am noticing so many Landers around social media (confirmation bias, perhaps? 😉 ) and it’s kinda cool to be in a “club” with other sewers! Like you, I am not done with this pattern yet–it’s so good, plus SHORTS!!!!


  6. This post cracked me up!! I also dig these crazy plaid Landers – they look like a true vintage find! Dang, every time I think ‘oh I don’t need any more pants patterns’ something comes along to reel me back in…


    1. Glad you enjoyed my crazy plaid pants, lol! I highly recommend this pattern – the instructions are spot-on and the fit is amazing (minus a couple of tweaks, but who doesn’t have that with pants patterns?). I’m about to finish up a 3rd pair of Landers and plan on making a 4th soon ❤


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