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Wiggle to Weddings, Work, and Weekends – The Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress

Well, friends, it looks like wedding season is back in full swing! I just went to my friend Taryn’s wedding (click here to see her gift!) and there are more on the horizon. That means more dresses!

I was hemming and hawing for a while about what kind of dress to make for Taryn’s wedding. I know I wanted a floor-length gown, but something that was easy enough to sew up in my limited time. I also needed it to travel well since the wedding was in New Orleans and I usually just cram stuff into my luggage.

Thank goodness for my friend Shirley who suggested the Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress. As soon as I saw the sample photo for the floor-length mermaid dress, I knew it was meant to be.


This pattern is insane, y’all! For $9 USD, you get everything from a tee crop top to a stunning off-the-shoulder evening gown. All you need is a decent knit fabric (preferably scuba knit for the body-con dresses) and 3/8 inch elastic for the neck opening.

I went a little coo-coo for it and made 3 versions right away. I’ll show them in order from most dazzling to most casual. 🙂


The first is the floor-length, off the shoulder mermaid dress!


This is the only picture I got of the whole dress… the very awkward junior prom photo of DD and I, LOL! The kitty in the back is my fur-brother, Shockey (or maybe my fur-sister, Brees?).

The fabric is this techno knit from Cali Fabrics and I bought 3 yards, which was way more than needed to make this dress. I graded from a M top to a L at the waist and hips, which worked perfectly!

I didn’t get many pictures since my phone was being wonky, but there are some from the wedding!


Here’s the beautiful  bride with her closest friends! Don’t we all look fancy? It was such a pretty venue and such a fun wedding!


… a fun wedding with free-flowing booze, which I partook of before this photoshoot, obvs… #noregerts31444671_10100944409737315_4922664697452298240_n

A sassy bunch of southern ladies!31417091_10100944408659475_331582938518913024_n

Here’s the dress in action. Check out my awesome dance moves during “Shout,” where I flopped around on the floor like a dying fish.31400956_10100944408689415_6998188839877476352_n

The handsome gentleman on the left is the very funny, very sweet groom. The lady in between me and Taryn is Mama Sew RED-Y! I win at getting lower than everyone else. ;-p

Needless to say, this dress lasted through the entire night, through thick and thin, through a few glasses of wine and crazy dance moves, and still looked amazing and remained comfortable! I got so many compliments on it from the bartenders and other wedding guests – I consider it a win!


I had a good bit of fabric left over from the mermaid dress, so I decided to make a work-appropriate Wiggle.


This was taken after a full day of work, so yes, I totally did go out in public with a crazy bright pink lipstick that matches my dress. I wanted to be obnoxiously pink and happy that day. It worked because I got so many compliments and one employee even said I looked like a Barbie! Best. Compliment. Ever!


I love the scoop back. It creates a nice balance with the higher neckline in the front.


I also LOOVE how there’s a center seam in the back and it hugs my curves in all the right ways WITHOUT any adjustments. Did you hear that? NO ADJUSTMENTS!! Hallelujah!


Well, I guess I did make a couple of adjustments, but they were easy. I graded from a M top to a L waist/bottom and added 1 inch to the length. Next time I think I’ll add the inch at the waist since the hip curve starts a little high on me.


Although I was a little self-conscious about how figure-hugging this dress is, I think it makes a great work wear staple. You just have to make sure you have the right fabric for it… thick enough to suck you in like Spanx!


And last but not least, I made a Wiggle t-shirt!


Erm, well, I actually wore this to work one day, too (yay for very casual business casual). I love how it pairs with my Zinnia Skirt!


This pattern is perfect for tees you’ll tuck in since it’s very conforming. It stayed put all day! Now if only I can say the same for the neckline… note to self: sweater knit does not do well with elastic necklines. Notice the pulling. 😦

But who cares because this outfit ROCKS!


And it goes well with jeans, too!


Shown here with my Ginger Jeans – I love being able to wear 100% me-made outfits!

The fabric is a hand-me-down from my friend, Dana, who was cleaning out her fabric stash. There was only about a yard of this fabric so I’m so happy I was able to get a whole article of clothing from it! I love the stripes and it kind of makes me feel like a pirate.


I did a sort-of-OK job lining up the stripes. But check out the different neckline! I swear, this pattern gives you so many options. It would be a challenge to sew them all!


Heck yes, always gotta love no extra fabric pooling at the lower back.


Well, that does it for the P4P Wiggle Dress pattern (for now!). Check out Amy’s versions here (from That’s Sew Amy) – her post inspired me to try out my work dress! Thanks for the inspo, Amy!

What are your thoughts on body con dresses and clothing? I think they’re fun but I definitely have to watch what I eat or else I’ll look a little too lumpy. But that’s what shapewear was made for, right?


11 thoughts on “Wiggle to Weddings, Work, and Weekends – The Patterns for Pirates Wiggle Dress

    1. Thanks so much, Abbey! I agree – this pattern looks great on everyone. 🙂 I was afraid the pink would be wayyy too bright but it was perfect! Thanks for the kind words. 🙂


  1. These are beautiful dresses and tee. You look terrific and confident.
    I recently tried a bodysuit and was pretty unsure about wearing something so fitted, but balancing my bottom half with something looser makes me feel good in it. I’m not sure I could go bodycon top to bottom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I admit, at work I covered up in a cardigan because I was a little self-conscious but the full-length dress makes me feel more covered. 🙂 You could totally rock full-body bodycon! But I understand the comfort factor 😉


  2. I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS. You look smokin’ hot in the gownified version, I LOVE your electric pink lipstick (care to divulge brand and shade deets??), and your jeans look So. Good. (The tee is adorable as well, but I got very distracted by how good the Gingers look and how nicely the denim is aging/breaking in.)

    I recently made a body-con dress for a gig, and felt SO vulnerable in it! Like, moreso than in any of the short sh*t I’ve worn onstage previously. (It didn’t help that a man I didn’t know went out of his way to comment effusively in person AND online about how great the dress was. O_o ) Maybe I need to be more like you and just rock it and know I look good AND have Maker Pride (and perhaps distract people with excellent lipstick)!


    1. Waaaah thank you!! From Barbie to smokin’ hot… this pattern is magical! The lipstick is Kat Von D studded lipstick in Babe (from the Rock Candy mini set). It’s fricking insanely pink, as you can see.

      These Gingers have been through hell and back (well, actually I guess Japan and back) and I love how they’re aging, too! I’ve worn the heck out of them so they’re definitely my go-to denim!

      Isn’t it weird how body con stuff makes us feel more vulnerable, even though we may be showing less skin? It’s probably because the weirdos tend to look harder the tighter things are…? Sorry about that creeper guy, yikes. He should have been more into your music than your fashion sense!

      Anyhoo, you shouldn’t worry about it because you’re beautiful and you can totally rock anything! Maybe you can break into a short body con dress by wearing a slouchy sweater over it (is that ’90’s?) and take it off every now and then until you feel 100% confident then SHOW ‘EM WHAT YOU GOT. Yeah!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love them! You look fantastic. That dress for the wedding is gorgeous. What blows my mind about this pattern is that it’s a super fast sew, yet it looks like it took HOURS and hours!


    1. Thanks, Amy! That’s what I initially thought when I saw the sample photo for it, then looked at the tech drawing. P4P is a genius!!


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