Me Made May

Me-Made-May 2018 Pledge

‘I, Rachel of Sew RED-y ( and sewredy on IG), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’18. I endeavour to wear one me-made or refashioned item for the duration of May 2018. I will also strive to wear at least 2 me-made garments per day if life and weather allow it!’

Ohhhh you guys, it’s that time again! Me-Made-Mayyyy! Where the heck did January through April go? I could have sworn I left them around here somewhere….

Anyhoo! May is upon us so that means our blogs and IG feeds will explode with beautiful handmade garments and awkward selfies!

I feel like I’ve been wearing at least one me-made garment everyday already, but this will allow me to consciously see what I’m reaching for everyday and document it. I am in the process of a huge closet purging and have already taken out tons of me-made clothes. I realized a huge variety of clothing to choose from comes with stress, so I’m trying to minimize my life right now – and you know that always starts with clothes!

So are you in this year, or will you stalk MMMayers from afar? 😉


P.S. Check out my previous participation!

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