Fail February

Fail February 2018: Your Fails!

That’s it! We are finished with the month of FAIL! It was a little lighter than last year, but I admit I FAILED to really push it hard this year due to life/work/you know the drill. But thanks to all who participated this year! Let’s see how the sewing gods frowned upon you this year.

From the blogosphere:

Mads from Life in a Mads House tells us everything that went wrong with her McCalls 7591 dress. Anyone else have tons of fails due to sizing?? (Me!!)


From Instagram:

Dixie DIY‘s kitty helped in the worst way by treating the waist tie on her Charlie Caftan like spaghetti! (Side note: kitty is fine!)


Melissa from Mahlica Designs has not one, but TWO fails to share!

When stamping doesn’t go according to plan…


… and when you forget to stabilize the top of the waistband of your jeans!Screenshot_2018-02-28-16-11-31

Stitchin In My Kitchen accidentally sewed her sleeves on completely wrong.



If you haven’t tagged your fails yet, it’s not too late! I can always add your blog or IG post after the fact so hit me up if you failed to make it on time for Fail February!

I admit… happily… that I didn’t really fail too badly last year (minus DD’s Negroni that he still has never worn… even as pajamas!). I don’t have much to share except this really disappointing yet funny fabric + washing machine fail:


That was supposed to be 2 full meters of decently wide rayon from Japan that I bought on my last trip. It somehow shrunk to miniature proportions in a delicate, cold wash cycle alone! It’s a super cute pattern of black and white cats, but I guess they’re more like fleas now.

I’ve gotten suggestions of how to stretch it back to regular size with the iron but if that doesn’t work, at least I can try to eke out an Ogden Cami from this teeny scrap… maybe?

Oh, well! That’s the joy of sewing, right? You have your ups and you have your downs, but at least you can always count on your sewing friends, both online and IRL, to be there for you either way!


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