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Christmas Crafts of 2017

Another Christmas has come and gone – a little too fast, it seems. I’ve been MIA this past week since I was visiting with family and friends back in New Orleans. It was a great trip and I am still reminded of the random Tuesday night dance party every time I move (oww, my back).

This year was another handmade Christmas and I decided to go small since I had to bring gifts in my one carry-on luggage (and mail some to Japan, too!). I’ve recently been bitten by the embroidery bug and thought a 4-inch hoop of the symbol of New Orleans – a Fleur de Lis – would be perfect.


I had to make a ton, so I started in September and finished with time to spare before Christmas. Check out that stack!


The black and white FDL fabric is from Hancock (RIP) and is a M’Liss quilting cotton. I bought 4 or 5 yards of this, thinking I would make a dress years ago but I have since learned quilting cotton isn’t my favorite fabric to wear.


I thought Saints/NFL colors would work OK with the embroidered fleur, so I went with it. After the 10th one, I was starting to worry that it was an ugly color choice. My family seemed to like it, so I guess I worried for nothing!

I made 15 total (one not pictured since it was given away prior to photos) and I didn’t get tired of it one bit. I find hand embroidery is a great way to unwind after a stressful day at work and it helped that I didn’t have to think so hard on each one since they are all the same.

I also made Sewaholic Stanley Trees for my 6 employees. It’s a free pattern – check it out here!


I made some last year for my sewing group and they were so fun to make and such a hit that I thought they would be great to make for work!


I love how they look with multiple fabrics and think these are super festive!


The fabrics were quilting cottons on sale from Joann’s. The green has printed Christmas stockings and the red has printed ornaments. I bought just enough to make 6, so I’m a little sad I can’t make more of these! But I bought a cute snowman fabric for myself to make a larger one… maybe for next Christmas.

How were your holiday celebrations? Did you make anything this year? Share in the comments and I’ll see you tomorrow with my 2017 Top 5!



4 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts of 2017

  1. Damn girl, you went all-in! Your FdL turned out great–perfect for NOLA folks, I’d say! And having made the Stanley tree, I am so glad someone else appreciates the adorableness of that pattern!! The way you used different colors is really cool, and so festive. 😀 I still only have 1 and feel like we could use another one…or two!…for around the house. Maybe next year! 😉

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    1. Thanks, Mads! They really enjoyed the Fleur de Lis, so I’m glad it all worked out. I believe there is not such a things as having too many Stanley Trees, so go for it!

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