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Aloha Granville!

We now interrupt your cozy holiday posts for something more tropical. Or southern hemisphere appropriate. You decide.


I decided I needed a Hawaiian shirt when DD sent an email at work a couple of months ago declaring that Friday to be Hawaiian Shirt Friday. The problem was I didn’t have one, so I stuck out like a sore thumb (until I borrowed a lei from a coworker). That day, I decided I would fix this problem and order some fabric to make my own “Aloha” shirt, as they would say in Hawaii.


Now, DD has only one tropical-ish shirt and it’s a pretty blue linen with small pineapples, courtesy of the J. Crew outlet. He loves this shirt and it is the reason he has started declaring Hawaiian Shirt Fridays here and there.


I wanted to be obnoxious a cute wife and try to match him as best as I could. Because, you know, matching couples are cute! Or so I think…



Anyway, this blue pineapple fabric from was the closest I could come to DD’s shirt. I wanted to show up his shirt by adding pineapple buttons from E-Bay.


The pattern is my ever-beloved Sewaholic Granville Shirt in a straight size 10. I shortened the sleeves and brought in the back shaping seams by about 1/2 inch to have it show off my curves a little more.


The fabric is a nice cotton that was of course easy to sew. The best part is it cost me only about $10. My boss was bragging that her Tommy Bahama shirt was $70+ so I am stoked this shirt cost way less than that! I think the buttons were only $5 or $7 and I still have a TON.


By the way, isn’t it fun that I have a plant in my side yard that looks like a pineapple? I was wondering where these blog photos should be taken and when I peeked outside to check on the sunlight, I remembered this random pineapple-y plant!


I even match my yard! Har har!

Have you ever gone out of your way to coordinate or match with a loved one? If so, are they totally into it or do you get the eye-roll like I do? :-p


19 thoughts on “Aloha Granville!

  1. Love the pineapple Granville, it’s a great match with the J. Crew one – same but different. They are having ‘loud shirt friday’ every now and then at my partner’s work, I think I need to make him something ;o)


    1. Why thank you very much! Honestly I’ve never been into them but I think I might start liking them now that I have control over fit and fabric… plus pineapples are so fun! 😉


  2. Your hawaiian shirt is just adorable on you! The fit is perfect, and the print is so fun! I too cannot believe you have that outstanding pineapple-like plant in your backyard. Wow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thanks! It’s been there since we moved 7.5 years ago and we haven’t done much to it. Tough little plant! And love the name – Paloverde- you of all people would know desert plants, lol!


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